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Schumer Announces Plan To Nix Virtually Every Gasoline-Powered Vehicle In The Country

Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer is preparing to spend hundreds of billions of taxpayer dollars on a long-shot plan that would fast-track the elimination of nearly every gasoline-powered vehicle in the country.

The senate’s top Democrat wants to spend a massive amount of money enticing Americans to exchange their gas-guzzling vehicles for an electric car. Schumer’s proposal, which he announced in a New York Times editorial Thursday, shows Democrats are lurching leftward on the issue.

“That’s why I am announcing a new proposal designed to rapidly phase out gas-powered vehicles and replace them with zero-emission, or ‘clean,’ vehicles like electric cars,” Schumer wrote after suggesting scientists agree that climate change represents an imminent threat to the U.S.

He added: “The goal of the plan, which also aims to spur a transformation in American manufacturing, is that by 2040 all vehicles on the road should be clean.” The plan would remove more than 63 million gas-powered cars from the road by 2030, Schumer estimates.

Schumer’s office expects the proposal to cost roughly $392 billion over a decade. The Washington Post referred to the idea on Friday as “essentially ‘Cash for Clunkers’ on steroids,” referring to a policy from the Obama-era encouraging Americans to trade their old vehicles for fuel-efficient cars.

Cash for Clunkers was the mechanism allowing the federal government to offer incentives of between $2,500 and $4,500 citizens who traded in their older vehicles for newer ones. The policy received a lot of media play, but critics called the idea a failure even if it was designed with the best of intentions.

Under Schumer’s plan, car owners will get a rebate starting at $3,000 if they trade in their car for an electric vehicle, with the amount of rebate going up the longer the vehicle goes without recharging. The rebate could dramatically exceed the existing $7,500 tax credit for electric vehicles.

Citizens are not the only ones who’d get a windfall. States and cities would also receive $45 billion in funding to install charging stations. The plan, which does not have legislative text, would also provide $17 billion to grant programs to build new factories for electric vehicles.

The senator’s moonshot idea comes as Democrats continue shifting leftward on environmental issues.

House Democrats introduced a Green New Deal in February calling for a “10-year national mobilization” toward a series of goals aimed at fighting global warming. GND’s proponents called for the eradication of fossil fuels before lawmakers stripped the idea out of the final product.

Conservative analysts are already criticizing Schumer’s plan.

“The money would be wasted. Even if Americans stopped driving entirely today and forever, there would be no discernible impact on, much less improvement of the weather or climate,” Steve Milloy, a lobbyist on behalf of the energy industry, told the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Schumer has not yet responded to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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  1. I’m sure someone such as Schumer understands that fossil, nuclear fuel provides the great majority of our electricity. The problem is he is not honest with the taxpayer. He’s trying to sell them a bill of goods that may be wrapped nicely but will adversely affect their lives, both in terms of standard of living and tax burden. This so-called “green new deal” is a total shipwreck that will cripple the standard of living of Americans.

  2. WOW…..wonder if Californians with these electric outages will still be Democrats if he’s successful ???

    Fossil (petroleum) based products are used to produce electricity, make plastic products (phones keypads, pens, tires, instruments and instrument panels and a slew of other everyday products.

    While Heir Schummer is willing to spend OUR money on this fantasy……I’d like to know how much effort is being spent to set/balance the budget that’s due? Aha, yes, his concern for Americans is touching… NOT!!

  3. First off : NO ONE and I mean NO LIEberal EVER considers how the electricity to charge these is produced vehicles comes from. MOST often it is from a fossil fuel generation station burning coal natural gas or fuel oil to produce steam that turns turbines that generate electricity

    Secondly: The best advocacy AGAINST LIEberalism is a five nanosecond conversation with your average Democrat!!!

  4. FIRST OF ALL: there ain’t no such thing as a “Clean electric car” and then…
    Does this make sense to you?
    It is so wrong on just so many levels
    1)An ABC News person took an electric vehicle from his home driving to NYC, fully charged, it broke down in the Lincoln tunnel-he did this experiment several times, and each time it broke down BEFORE reaching his destination.
    2)To charge an electric vehicle it will take up to 8 hours to do
    3)The batteries in these electric vehicles are not only very expensive but very bad for the environment.
    4)What happens to our economy? When we shut down oil, gas?
    How will you heat your homes? They will shut down coal as well, and then you cannot have wood-burning stoves, because, well, environment, then fracking is not allowed, so natural gas,,,what will you have??
    YOU WILL HAVE A FROZEN A$$ AND NO MONEY because you exorbitant taxes that you have to pay for your “Climate Change”
    Again does any of this make sense to you? and yet it IS what democrats are demanding!

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