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NYT Writer Accuses Dallas Police Of ‘Cover-Up’ In Death Of Amber Guyger Witness


A New York Times Opinion columnist accused the Dallas Police Department of engaging in a “cover-up” in its investigation of the death of an Amber Guyger murder trial witness.

Dallas police identified three suspects in relation to the murder of 28-year-old Joshua Brown, who met Brown in the parking lot outside his Dallas apartment complex to purchase drugs, Assistant Chief Avery Moore said during a Tuesday news conference.

“[I]f you’re going to do a cover-up you should at least make it sound more plausible than this,” columnist Jamelle Bouie wrote in a Tuesday tweet, pointing to confusing details of the case.

“[N]ot only am [I] supposed to believe that these dudes traveled [four and a half] hours for weed but [I]’m also supposed to believe they left behind 12 lbs of weed and 1000s in cash and [I]’m supposed to believe that neither the defense nor prosecution had any knowledge that he was a prolific dealer,” Bouie added.

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