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Industry to agriculture to household – There is a bit of bale wire everywhere

Baling wire is the most important consumable of the baling industry that depends heavily on baling wires to complete the packaging process of bales created by using different methods. Although the primary use of baling wire is for the baling industry, the strength and versatility of the wire make it suitable for other industrial applications, too, especially in the agriculture industry. Bale wire, commonly known as a soft wire, belongs to the family of farm wire because it is an improved version of farm wire capable of meeting contemporary needs. BWD baling wire with loops is well known for its strength, along with flexibility that offers splendid support to hold bales together.

A brief history of bale wire

Like adhesive tapes, the baling wire is a very important commodity that makes life easier. Chester Greenwood, the inventor of earmuffs, was the first person to explore the possibility of using farm wire in a different way and used it for the first time in 1873 for the headband that supports earmuffs. It brought into focus the need for developing soft, flexible wires that have good strength and lasts long.

Multipurpose material

The versatility of baling wire is simply amazing as it combines flexibility and strength to provide the right kind of support that fulfills industrial needs. Baling wires are available in different thicknesses that determine its strength, and you will always find one suited for your purpose, whether it is for baling or any other industrial applications. The wires are simple to use and economical too because you can cut it to the size that you need, which reduces wastage. Huge strength is packed into the thin wires that can strongly bind and wrap bales by withstanding the force generated due to the inherent nature of bales that tend to unwrap the moment it comes out from balers.

Other applications

  • Farmers who make bales of hay use bale wires to wrap the bales for storage and transportation. Bale wire finds some good use in mending chain-link fences by using precisely cut pieces of wire to prevent wastage. It is also common to see bale wires used in animal feeders and for repairing and mending many other farm implements.
  • Textile industries use bale wires extensively for creating compact bales of cotton, wool, jute, and other materials. The bales are convenient to transport and economize the cost of transportation by transporting large volumes in smaller trucks.
  • In the automobile industry, car, mechanics use bale wire for holding up mufflers that have become useful and many other similar applications. It is also a staple packing material for compacted waste material converted into bales and used widely in the recycling industry.

Over and above, numerous household applications of bale wire come in very handy when repairing or mending some items.

Made from carbon steel with necessary upgrade through galvanization, annealing, and painting or coating bale wire is available across the world in rolls and reels. The versatility of bale wire is the reason for its widespread use.

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