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Dem Leaders Want Impeachment Messaging To Focus On Love For The Constitution, But Only If It Polls Well

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told Democrats to have their “hearts full of love for the Constitution” as she laid out a strategy on how to win public support of an impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump, but a colleague said vulnerable representatives would need to determine what messaging worked best.

“We have to proceed with our hearts full of love for America and our hearts full of love for the Constitution,” Pelosi said in a private conference phone call with House Democrats Sunday, according to Politico. “And not with negative attitudes towards him, but a positive attitude towards our responsibility.”

“The polls have changed drastically about this,” the California Democrat added.

“I’m in Texas and they have a saying here: ‘Don’t mess with Texas,’” Pelosi said, an aide on the call told Politico. “Well, I say, ‘Don’t mess with the Constitution, Mr. President.’”

But Illinois Rep. Cheri Bustos encouraged more vulnerable Democratic representatives on the call to poll their constituents to test what messaging is most effective. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which Bustos chairs, would help fund this polling, multiple people on the call told Politico.

Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries laid out six terms for Democrats to focus on while relying on repetition: “betrayal, abuse of power, national security.”

And House Judiciary Chairman Jerry Nadler endorsed Pelosi’s impeachment messaging, saying “If we stick to the speaker’s plan, we will prevail,” according to a person on the call.

Pelosi also suggested that she was okay with losing the Democrats’ majority in the House if it meant impeaching Trump.

“It doesn’t matter. Our first responsibility is to the Constitution,” she said Saturday after being asked if she was worried about how an impeachment inquiry might impact 2020 House elections.

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  1. How can they “love the constitution” if everything they are doing is designed to overthrow its constraints?

  2. Curious as to how you can ‘love’ what you don’t know…or maybe just the parts that suit their purpose…Sep 17 EACH year is National Constitution Day and ALL schools are supposed to “teach” the Constitution. I asked several highschool students and the had not ever heard of it or know what the Constitution really is except for “some rules”

    I doubt that many swamp dwellers realize, much less remember their Oath of Office is from it.
    Yep, it’s true, you can’t cure stupid. They open their mouth and stupid falls out.

    No wonder my BP is high!!!

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