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Build Your Career Online: 6 of the Highest Paying Online Degrees Worth Pursuing

Who among us doesn’t dream of a better life? We daydream about having a career that makes us feel powerful, fulfilled, and energized. Of course, we want all that on top of a great salary.

This life is possible, especially if you already know what that career would be. The biggest roadblock is that those careers typically require college. Who has the time and finances to put everything on hold for four years and attend college?

Allow us to be the bearers of good news: you can do more with an online degree than you think. Start with these highest paying online degrees, in no particular order considering that the salaries vary for each one.

1. Electrical Engineering Technology

Were you that kid who loved taking apart your broken electronics and fixing them? If you have a mind for technology, electrical engineering technology will be right up your alley.

Keep in mind that this degree isn’t the same as a degree in electrical engineering. Electrical engineering technology is more of a technician-level degree. In other words, you may not have the expertise to design new electronics but you can assist in the design and you can fix electronics.

Still, an electrical engineering technology degree can fetch a healthy salary. The median wage is around $64,000 per year.

2. Nursing

Chances are that this is one of the more surprising items on this list. Most people don’t think they can get any type of online medical degrees.

Nurses are in high demand today, though. As a result, nursing students can do the bulk of their coursework online. You may need to complete a clinical experience to complete your education and learn the hands-on skills you need.

With your degree in hand, you can take your nursing career in several directions. You may opt for a particular specialty like obstetrics or oncology.

As you advance your career, you can take additional courses to move up through the ranks as well. You can become a Licensed Practical Nurse or a Registered Nurse. Eventually, you can work your way up to be a Nurse Practitioner, with many of the same opportunities as doctors. 

3. Paralegal Studies

If you’re the type who’s intrigued by the legal field, you have a promising career path ahead. It doesn’t require years of expensive, competitive law school, either.

Instead, get your online degree in paralegal studies. As a paralegal, you’ll be the go-to expert in any type of legal office.

A paralegal provides support for attorneys in a legal organization. You may be responsible for researching case details, preparing documents, filing forms with the court, and more.

Some online paralegal programs may require you to complete an internship on top of your coursework, though.

Still, a paralegal has great opportunities for career growth. You can gain more responsibilities as a senior paralegal. Depending on your experience, specialty, location, and other qualifications, you could bring in a hefty salary.

4. Web Design

For computer buffs who want to merge programming with creativity, web design is the ideal combination.

As a web designer, you’ll be able to use specialized knowledge to design websites that are attention-grabbing and effective. You’ll also be able to build those websites with hands-on programming.

There are many directions your career can go after you get your online web design degree. You could get a job with a large company to build and manage their website.

If you prefer more variety in your work, you could also get a job with a marketing company or a web design agency. In these positions, you’ll design websites for one client after another, each one unique.

As you gain experience, you can even start your own web design service as a freelancer. You’ll be able to do what you love from the comfort of your own home.

5. Marketing

As the digital landscape gets crowded with advertisers, companies need to stand out more than ever. They’re looking for marketing professionals with fresh perspectives to get the job done.

The degree’s title could vary from one school to another, but the overall gist is the same. You’ll have the expertise to develop complex marketing strategies. You may also learn the basics of producing marketing content like copywriting and graphic design.

With this degree, your growth potential is almost unlimited. You could start at an individual company as part of their internal marketing team. Or, you could choose to work for a marketing agency so you can work on a larger variety of projects.

As you gain experience, you could rise through the ranks. You may even become a highly-paid private marketing consultant.

Your earning potential may be especially high if you specialize in a particular industry with a high demand for marketers. For instance, marketing medical practices and technology companies are unique tasks.

6. Cybersecurity

All you have to do is look at the daily news to see that cybersecurity is a common concern today. Companies and private citizens alike are feeling the effects of hacking and identity theft.

As unfortunate as that is, it creates the perfect environment for a strong cybersecurity career.

It may not be surprising that you can complete much of your cybersecurity coursework online. Some programs may require an internship, but others will allow you to earn your entire degree on your laptop.

As your career advances, you can make more money if you specialize in a particular industry. For example, the financial industry is in desperate need of skilled cybersecurity experts and they’re willing to pay a small fortune for them.

Choosing the Highest Paying Online Degrees for Your Next Career

The days of people getting a job at a company and staying there for 40 years are over. Today, employees are recognizing that they can reinvent themselves and enhance their careers at any age. The highest paying online degrees on this list are part of the reason this is possible.

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