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Biological Male NCAA Runner Named Conference Female Athlete Of The Week


June Eastwood

The Big Sky Conference named University of Montana runner, June Eastwood, a biological male who identifies as a transgender woman, the cross-country female athlete of the week.

“June Eastwood finished second in a field of 204 runners at the Santa Clara Bronco Invitational,” helping “Montana place seventh as a team,” the conference noted in its announcement on Tuesday. Eastwood previously competed on the University of Montana’s men’s team.

The University of Montana’s athletic director previously cited NCAA policy in explaining why Eastwood was competing on the women’s team. The NCAA allows male runners who identify as transgender women to compete in women’s athletics after suppressing testosterone levels for a full calendar year.

Scientific research indicates that male athletes retain competitive advantages over female athletes, even after suppressing testosterone.

Eastwood, whose accomplishment was first flagged by The College Fix, isn’t alone in winning accolades in female athletics as a male athlete.

Biological male runner CeCe Telfer, who identifies as a transgender woman, won an NCAA DII national championship for Franklin Pierce University in May. Like Eastwood, Telfer competed on the university’s men’s team before later switching to the women’s team.

Biologically male cyclist Rachel McKinnon won a women’s world championship on Oct. 19. McKinnon won the sprint event in the women’s 35-39 age category at the 2019 Masters Track Cycling World Championships, taking home the gold medal for the second straight year.

The House of Representatives voted in May to pass the Equality Act, which would require schools to allow male athletes who identify as transgender girls to compete on female sports teams. The bill had unanimous support among House Democrats and is supported by every Democratic presidential frontrunner.

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  1. Rick says:

    Is it not obvious that there should be separate rankings and records kept for those who claim to be biologically opposite of who they are? Those who claim no such difference should not suffer as a result of someone’s mindset. Is science attempting to reverse natural selection? Is this creating something non-natural? Does this not put sports into a whole new light? What will other countries think if biological males compete against their female athletes? Does this not rob natural women of the benefits due them for being great athletes?
    Deception creates contradiction. But those who are deceived cannot see it or refuse to admit to mistakes.
    Rules, like laws, should always be based upon absolutes. When exceptions become the rule, the rule becomes void. The test of any law or rule should be: “Can we all do it?” Law is universal. Everyone has to live within the law. If all men want to be women and all women want to be men, what will happen to the human race? Repentance means to change your mind. Some have repented and been healed.

  2. John Savage says:

    World’s gone to Hell. When’s the civil war start to take back our Christian values?

  3. Goto says:

    Biology 101 …. XY chromosomes present =male. Y chromosome directs increase bone mass and musculature as well as many other differences that taking hormones can’t erase. This situation is sad. Nobody has the balls at these colleges to stand up for women athletes because to do so invites the wrath of the gay community. This should be halted . These so called transgender athletes should be ashamed of themselves. They are males with male bodies, hormones or not.
    Female athletes should be enraged by this insanity.

  4. Thomas K. Pedersen says:

    Is it my imagination…or limited cognitive ability…or does this pretty much bury and eviscerate Title IX? If a male can declare himself a female, there is no doubt that (with rare exceptions) women will not again win a significant competition. Maybe it is just me, but I sense that those who came up with this new way of defining gender have a significant dislike and animosity toward women. If I am wrong, I await comments showing how this is in any way a benefit to biological (I cannot beleive that I now have to specify that) women.

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