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Biden Says Saudi Arabia Has ‘Very Little Redeeming Social Value’


2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden said Thursday that Saudi Arabia has “very little redeeming social value.”

Biden spoke Thursday at the CNN LGBTQ Forum Thursday night in Los Angeles focusing on lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer issues. The former vice president bashed Saudi Arabia for the country’s anti-LGBTQ laws.

“I would in fact curtail aid, curtail foreign assistance to countries who in fact engage in, engage in this kind of behavior,” Biden said, ” Just like I would if I were dealing with China and what they’re doing to Uighurs, a million Uighurs, Muslims. So what is the difference? It’s pure unadulterated prejudice.

Saudi Arabia, very same thing,” the former vice president added. “They have very little redeeming cultural value.”

I’ve been blunt about it. Very, very blunt about it. I know they are supposedly our ally and all the rest,” Biden said. “Look, there are certain things that we cannot tolerate. We cannot be part of propping up governments who abuse in any fundamental — culture is never a rationale for pain, never a rationale. It really isn’t.”


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