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Are the Democrats Impeaching Trump To Cover for Biden?

As congress battles back and forth over whether to impeach President Trump, more information comes to light, politicians backtrack on their support, and then the whole dance begins again. So, what is really going on in the gamble that is impeachment, and why are some people pressing so hard in the Democratic arena to impeach a sitting president? There are many that believe the whole fiasco is a smokescreen to cover for Biden and the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s disaster. If that is true, then the press by the Democrats for an impeachment of a Republican president is really more about covering for Biden than removing Trump. The big question is, why?


If removing Trump from office isn’t Congress’ primary goal, why has the political fervor reached such exceptional crescendo over a phone conversation? The reports about what the phone call said and the transcript of the conversation are very different. So, the agenda appears to be hidden in some other corner, and the impeachment is meant to increase the Democratic odds of hiding the actual problem. Some believe the issue is about Biden’s son, Hunter, and the energy company he worked for. Could it be that simple?


The Democrats have become very vocal about the alleged demands Trump had for Zelensky when requesting an investigation into Biden’s demand for termination of the prosecutor investigating the energy company that Biden’s son was working for. If it is true that Biden ordered the firing of the prosecutor, and leveraged the demand against the loss of America’s assistance, then who is guilty of what? To make matters worse, Obama gets drawn into the mixture because the accusation from Trump that the Obama administration allegedly used government power to investigate collusion with Russia is exactly the same thing the Democrats are accusing Trump of doing with Zelensky. The mixture is circular, explosive, frustrating, and impossible to get to the bottom of.


There is no doubt that any type of investigation into the conversation between Trump and Zelensky will injure Biden because the information will come out about his son, Hunter. Many times over the years, Hunter has admitted being a cocaine and alcohol addict that has problems with relapsing. To add fuel to the fire, Biden’s son has no training as a corporate board officer or lobbyist. How did he get the enviable job with the energy company? His familial tree and the proximity it gave the company to Joe Biden is the answer from those stating odds straight from Las Vegas. If Hunter and his use of family power were allowed to be used in the battle against Biden’s bid for election, the damage could be staggering, and the Democrats know it.


The battle against Trump was fought for two years over alleged collusion between Trump and Russia, and although the Democrats won’t admit defeat, there was no evidence worth following. Now there is a secondhand conversation causing a stir, with a transcript that proves nothing toward occurred to support impeachment. That leaves only one cause for the battle – Democrats are fighting their own. By using the impeachment against Trump, Nancy Pelosi can pacify her supporters and get Biden out of the race. Would the Democrats do that to themselves? You bet they would.

If you are still wondering if the Democrats are working on an impeachment against Trump to cover for Biden, reread this article. The Democrats are playing a very tight game, and they are betting all their odds in favor of one result – getting Biden out of the race before he can hurt the entire Democratic play for the 2020 presidency. If the battle happens to injure Trump in some way, the Democrats will find a reason to celebrate and fain their innocence.

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