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10 Amazing Flower Arrangement Tips & Examples

When you walk into a room and are greeted by an arrangement of pleasant, brightly coloured flowers, your mood is automatically lifted. Flowers have been known to help you relax even during stressful situations.

Some flowers are said to help you sleep better, especially if you are suffering from insomnia. These include the lavender flower.

The healing effect of flowers is probably the reason why people who are visiting the sick take them some flowers. They create a happy, welcoming environment that helps the patient relax, and when your body is relaxed it is able to heal faster.

There are many ways in which to display flowers and these range from floral venue decoration where the specified area is cleverly decorated with flowers of choice, to that all important centrepiece.

Being able to offer an amazing centrepiece requires a bit of skill, passion and a lot of artistry. As a beginner, it is not hard to grasp the things you need to understand and to start you off on your journey, Flower Shops, a popular site for flower delivery, have some tips of their own to offer. The first is that flowers should be looked after in a specific way. In order for the flowers to give you the results you desire, you have to treat each and every one of them individually and in this way you will be able to form a specific flower arrangement.

Choice Flowers

They go on to remind us that, like with everything elegant, you do not need to overload your vase or flower container. A few choice flowers will make a more meaningful statement than a vase full of uncoordinated flowers.


The minimalistic approach is also applicable to the materials you use. If the flowers are able to fall into place naturally, then there is no need for an oasis, wires or nets. These will just get in the way of the beauty of the flowers.

Container Choice

When choosing a container, remember it does not necessarily have to be a vase. Be creative. If using a pure glass container, you can put in some coloured marbles that either blend in with or contrast with the flowers. This gives a full, detailed effect of light and depth.

Size Matters

Tall flowers look majestic in large flower containers while short stemmed flowers look cosy in a small receptacle like a round globe vase. It is good to mention here something that may sound obvious. When the flowers are a centrepiece for a table that will be used for meals, make sure you can see over the top. This makes conversation at the table flow smoothly.

One, Three, Five

If you can, pick or buy the flowers in odd numbers. One, three, five flowers have a certain pull to them. It is also easier to work with them due to their asymmetrical properties. That way you do not need to worry that one side is heavier than the other.

Country Look

However, if your desire is a more country look, then a clever mix of garden or wildflowers you will get a relaxed, casual feel. You can also achieve a modern, dramatic look by using only one type of flower and in just one colour.

Add Some Greens

It is a good idea to start with your green leaves and vines. Place some of your greenery in the vase at different heights, this will give you a helpful framework on which to build. A flower arrangement looks more natural when it has some green in it.

Beware of the Lily

Should you decide to use the lily, you would be wise to remove the stamen. It tends to cause a mess by leaving pollen everywhere. It is also a very strong scented flower so it is advisable to not use it for centrepieces where food will be served.

Use Your Hands

If you are worried about height, you can arrange the flowers in your hand the way you want them to be in the container. You then cut them to the desired lengths without any problem.

No Leaves in the Water

Remove any leaves on that part of the stem that will be submerged in water. This ensures that your flowers remain fresh for longer and continue giving off a pleasant scent.

By following these simple tips, you will be able to confidently design the most breath-taking arrangements, suitable for any event such as weddings, birthdays, corporate events and social occasions.

Finally, remember that you will not be judged by how symmetrical your flowers are, or how every flower is in its perfect place. The big test is in the mood of the flowers and the story that they tell, so relax and have fun arranging your flowers. When you put your spirit into what you are doing, it will shine through the arrangement.

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