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Why You Should Get a Special Bra to Help You After a Mastectomy

If you have been told that a mastectomy is indicated, you will no doubt have many questions, worries and concerns and you may well spend some time in quiet contemplation. It is certainly not the news that we would choose to receive. A mastectomy can be performed on both men and women and although we most often associate it with women, it is in fact an operation to remove the breast, regardless of sex. It is indicated in the case of cancer and it is an elective operation for those who are genetically predisposed toward the disease, it could be that there has been a long family history of cancers of the breast.

The questions are endless and for women there is also the concern around their appearance. Having been used to breasts, they are going to be faced with the prospect of their clothes looking very different to before.

There are choices post mastectomy, some women choose breast reconstruction surgery which can be performed soon after the operation or at a stage down the line and some women are not comfortable with that idea and choose a special type of bra known as a mastectomy bra. So, why would women choose to get post surgery bras and underwear?

  • The first reason would be because it allows them to look similar to before and gives them what looks like natural breast tissue. The look can come from a foam prosthesis or it can be from a breast form which is included as part of the bra itself.
  • Next, it is much less invasive and saves the trauma of yet another operation and the side effects and the associated complications.
  • You may be advised to use compression after your operation and special types of mastectomy bras can help you with this.
  • There are bras to suit every taste with different colours, designs and features. Some are front fastening, some are slip on, there are the underwire bras and bras with no wire. 
  • There are even bras which will allow you to accommodate a surgical drain if that is something that you require.
  • Bras come in lovely soft fabrics which are very gentle against your skin and unlikely to irritate your wound. You are able to choose from a plain, no nonsense design to a much fancier lacy option, and everything in between. Mastectomy bras have come a long way in terms of style and design in recent years and the process of choosing your bra should be similar to what it was before you had the surgery.

A mastectomy bra is often a very good choice but it is essential that you discuss your options carefully with your surgeon. You have to remember that you have just had an operation and as such your wounds will take time to heal, so go with the advice of your surgeon and do not begin to use your bra until your surgeon tells you that it is safe to do so.

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