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Top 3 Antivirus for Mac 2019: Protect Yourself from Malicious Software

The general feeling among many people is that Macs are less susceptible to cyber breaches by hackers. However, there is nothing really solid to back this claim. Like any other users, Mac users are also vulnerable to cyber-attacks. It is therefore advisable for Mac users to utilize antivirus software programs to protect their computers. There exists a considerably large pool of high-quality antiviruses like bitdefender antivirus that Mac users can utilise. Users need to choose from the following list. Some of the leading antiviruses for Macs include Intego, Norton, and Bitdefender. We will discuss these three antiviruses in this article.

  1. Intego

The creation of Intego antivirus software dates back to in 1997. It provides a broad line of computer protection products, a uniquely rare characteristic for an antivirus manufacturer. Notably, Intego does not partake in AV tests lately, unlike significant numbers of Windows antivirus providers. However, previous tests highlighted acceptable passing outcomes for the antivirus in Mac virus and malware identification. Intego screens through all computer documents, email accounts, and USB driver systems. It provides a clean-up mechanism and backs up files without human support. Its protection against phishing is another impressive feature. It enables prompt detection, quarantine, and deletion of malicious emails. Negatively though, Intego Mac does not address ransomware threats.

Advantages of Intego

  • It offers real-time security
  • It extends to firewall defense
  • It has numerous products for selection

Disadvantages of Intego

  • No suitable scanning mechanism for ransomware
  • A narrow set of features
  • No provision for browser plugins

Intego is not your typical plugin and feature-filled antivirus but outshines other any best antivirus for Mac its all-inclusive status. It is prominent in real-time security and serves to guard against phishing with excellent efficiency.

  1. Norton Security Premium

Norton maintains an impressive record of accomplishment in computer security. Its AV Tests and AV-Comparative trials revealed that Norton has a remarkable capability to identify and thwart 99%-100% of internet malware and hacking attempts. When offline, its security against threats decreases to 81.5%. It has a simple user interface. It permits the user to scan the computer in order to improve the performance of the hard drive. The Norton antivirus also conducts automatic file backups. It works well with Windows computers, Macs and mobile phones. Norton’s 360 Deluxe package supports a maximum of five devices and extends some additional desirable features that include a parental control module and a further 50GB of secure storage space for backups. At present, the Deluxe package comes with a 40% discounted cost.

Advantages of Norton Security Premium

  • Supports several operating systems
  • Has a Virus Protection Promise
  • The user interface is unsophisticated

Disadvantages of Norton Security Premium

  • Decreased security when offline
  • No support is available for a password management mechanism
  1. Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

Bitdefender is one of the most preferred antivirus software for Mac. It has received superb scores from the AV Tests and AV-Comparatives for its aptitude in identifying malware and cyber hazards. Bitdefender attracts attention for its dedication to providing consistent updates to safeguard users from the most complex assaults. It has a provision for the elimination of malware from the computer that works without disrupting the users’ activities on their gadget. Features such as Bitdefender Shield, Cross-Platform Malware and Time Machine Protection carry out many of the antivirus’ duties. A VPN service is also available. Its interface is flawlessly visible, very plain, and simplistic. It is quite affordable and provides an automatic mechanism allowing seamless task performance. It has a 30-day trial offered at no cost.

Advantages of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

  • Superior marks in laboratory trials
  • An excellent range of features
  • Ad blocks are available

Disadvantages of Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac

  • Consumes a large quantity of time when scanning the entire Mac system

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