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The Power of Fashion to Influence Politics and Human Perception [EXPLAINED!]

t’s no surprise that your wardrobe speaks volume about your personality and character. Loud colors, classic soft hues, conventional suiting, elegant accessories and even selection of shoes can reveal so much about you. While fashion is believed to be mainly associated with divas, fashion icons and designers, you would be surprised to know how significantly it has affected the political sphere in the recent times.

There is no denying the fact that a well-dressed person has the power to influence and inspire others. Many politicians use their fashion sense to connect with their voters. We’re surrounded by hundreds of celebrities, models, singers and style icons who make the headline of popular fashion magazines and newspapers. But there’s another prominent group that is consistently in the public eye and is much ahead with their style statement – politicians. Not only their style is bold and edgy, but they’re also able to attract others with their personalities as much as with their words and commitments. How? Let’s explore.

Jackie Kennedy

he name of Jackie Kennedy in the political and fashion world doesn’t need any formal introduction. She was popular because of her modern and classy look. Her famous pillbox hat and white gloves are still considered to be all-time favorite fashion accessories that exude class and charisma. However, what made Kennedy’s style truly remarkable was her selection of jewelry. Similar to other women, Jackie’s fashion interest was not much inclined towards diamonds (she wore them occasionally though). Instead, we’ve seen her flawlessly carrying pure and beautiful pearls most of the time. Dr. Carolyn Mair, behavior psychologist and author of The Psychology of Fashion, conducted an analysis for Laguna Pearl. She reveals that pearls exemplify purity, sincerity and sophistication, it is safe to say that gems you wear also have a significant impact on your personality.

Kennedy, being America’s first lady will always be remembered for her incomparable style and attractive persona that still captivates hundreds of fashionistas around the world.

Donald Trump

Baggy trousers, boxy jackets and wide ties and lapels are what that make current American President’s style profile. Analysts believe Trump’s conventional and awkward fashion taste symbolize his stubbornness and inflexibility towards public affairs. His selection of formal attires reflect his conservative approach. With his power suits and wide red ties, he seems to portray a bossy image with a desire to force others to follow him.

Joe Biden

Flaunting invincible charisma, no-nonsense ethic and heart-melting smile, Joe Biden’s simple yet stylish fashion taste has persuaded millions to follow his style persona. His candid, down to earth behavior is one of the reasons why many people can easily resonate with him. While Biden looks amazingly dashing in formal business attires, we’ve generally seen him carrying casual jackets, trousers and hats with utmost perfection. Analysts believe that Biden’s minimalist fashion approach is one of the reasons why people better connect with him. His love for blue is evident in most of his attires that reflect confidence, self-assurance and trust.

Elizabeth Warren

Elizabeth Warren is one political personality whose style statement strictly revolves around simplicity and class. In terms of clothing, she seems uninterested in experimenting with present-days silhouettes and hues and we’ve usually seen her flawlessly carrying basic sweaters, hoodies and coats. However, Warren certainly knows how to up her style game with her unique pearl jewelry. The Pearl Source reveals that the person who prefers pearl over other precious stones is more humble, sophisticated and sober-minded. Noticeably, all these elements are an integral part of Warren’s honest and truthful personality, making her one of the most popular political personalities.

Kamala Harris

Contemporary, classy and amazingly attractive Kamala Harris is known for her warm and wide beautiful smile. She chooses cool and light colors, paired perfectly with modern silhouettes that add drama to her existing live and energetic personality. Out of all the other female candidates of her age, Harris tend to use a lot of jewelry especially pearls that add more warmth and class to her persona. Her selection of pearls over other precious stones show her simplicity and pureness that helps her voters better connect with her. According to analysts, Harris’s simple and sophisticated style portrays the accepting nature of her personality.

Bernie Sanders

As compared to the other candidates of his age, Bernie Sander’s fashion taste is quite basic and minimal. While he seems least concerned about the selection of his attires, Sander definitely knows well how to look well-dressed and charismatic all the time. His versatility reflects the innovative side of his personality. His style statement symbolizes wisdom and positive assertiveness that is an outcome of years of experience.

All of these political stars are known worldwide for their impeccable fashion taste, political proficiency and public connectivity. The way they carry their attires and how perfectly they accessorize their clothing are some of the ways we can interpret their strengths and weaknesses.

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