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Police Fire Tear Gas, As Hongkongers Protest Anniversary Of Chinese Communist Rule |

Hong Kong police responded to escalating weekend protests against China’s 70th anniversary of communist rule by making more than 150 arrests, firing teargas and using a water cannon.

Demonstrators set fires, smashed windows at subway stations and threw bricks at police, according to The Washington Post on Monday.

“If they respect us, then we will respect them,” a 28-year-old protester by the name of Michael told WaPo of the Chinese government. “But if they don’t respect our democracy or human rights, then why do I need to respect them?”


Police made a total of 157 arrests, including that of a 12-year-old, between Saturday and Sunday, according to Reuters, citing police.

Protesters also clashed with police on the streets, leaving pools of blood on asphalt, the Post reported.

“There’s no indication of any lowering of the temperature, as we saw over the weekend,” China researcher Adam Ni of Macquarie University in Sydney told The Wall Street Journal. “We continue to be in for a rocky ride in Hong Kong.”


Police also used a water cannon to disperse tens of thousands of protester who gathered on the Saturday anniversary of pro-democracy protests that took place in Hong Kong five years ago, sparking the region’s umbrella movement, according to a WSJ report.

Demonstrators chanted, “Hong Kong people!” and sang “Glory to Hong Kong” during Saturday’s protest, WSJ reported.

“The community needs to engage in dialogues, premised on the legal basis and under a peaceful atmosphere with mutual trust, with a view to narrowing differences and attaining a consensus agreeable to all sides,” Hong Kong’s government said in response to Saturday’s demonstrations, according to WSJ.


The weekend’s events marked the 17th week of protests in Hong Kong, which were sparked by a since-withdrawn extradition bill that would have sent Hong Kong residents convicted of crimes to mainland China for trial.

The bill was one of five demands made by Hongkongers that have kept the protests going. The other four include Carrie Lam’s resignation, an inquiry into police brutality, the release of those who have been arrested and more democratic freedoms, according to CNN.

The People’s Republic of China will celebrate its 70th anniversary of Communist Party rule on Tuesday with a military parade, the Post reported.

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