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How to vacuum the carpet so that it is clean

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While vacuuming seems like an obvious housekeeping skill that everyone can do, if not carefully done, your carpet won’t be completely clean and will still be littered with dirt particles. The vacuuming process requires the right technique, time and attention, as well as, tools. Whether you are using a handheld vacuum or any other vacuum cleaner, you need to choose a vacuum that will thoroughly clean your carpet. This also ensures that your carpet is protected thus serve you longer. You also need to learn how to vacuum properly to avoid vacuuming your carpet the wrong way. Below are effective vacuuming tips and how to vacuum your carpet so that it is sparkling clean.

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Tidy up the area

Start by preparing the area you want to vacuum by removing any small toys, objects or items that are on the floor. This will prevent the chances of your vacuum cleaner picking them, which might cause damage to it. Also, move any small furniture so that you can vacuum the area beneath it. If you have any dusty curtains, shake them to loosen any trapped dust and then wait a few minutes before vacuuming.

Check your vacuum

Check your machine and parts like the dust basket to ensure that it’s free of hair and debris. This will perfect the suction process and help enhance its overall performance. To improve your vacuum’s performance, always clean it and adjust the height before you start vacuuming. While some vacuums automatically adjust themselves depending on the floor, some don’t. If your vacuum doesn’t change automatically, you will have to adjust the height depending on the surface you are cleaning. You might also want to compare Dyson Stick vacuums.

Vacuum in the right direction

Vacuum in all directions, from the north, south, east and west to avoid leaving dirt particles on your floor. This is because some dirt hides under the carpet fibers. You can also vacuum working from left to right across the room to reach every spot on your carpet. High-traffic areas, like the doorway should be vacuumed at least once or twice a week. This will remove any dirt that might be stuck on the carpet and help get rid of any allergens or pet hair which might even cause health complications to the occupants. It will also help to maintain and keep a shiny looking carpet for long. 

Focus on the edges

When vacuuming, start with the edges and vacuum edges using the crevice attachment in all the rooms before moving onto vacuuming the carpet. Vacuum in the right direction starting from the furthest corner as you vacuum out of the room.

Don’t let too much dirt and dust accumulate on your carpet to prevent permanent discoloration. To ensure that your carpets and rugs sparkle is replenished, remove any dust left on the floor after vacuuming. This is because any amount of dust can make your carpet look like it wasn’t vacuumed in the first place. A slow vacuum thoroughly cleans your carpet. Check your speed when vacuuming and don’t vacuum too fast to allow your vacuum to suck up dirt and dust.

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