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5 Tips to Show Clients the ROI from Local SEO in Chicago

We know that SEO is vital to every business’ website. Local SEO is just as important for companies with brick and mortar companies. SEO professionals can do everything right to lead traffic to your business’s website and, subsequently, your brick and mortar business. Companies are willing to hundreds of dollars for SEO services. But where many SEO marketing professionals lack a little bit of skill is showing their clients their value of or the return on investment from local SEO services.

SEO Company Chicago and across the US should not expect their clients to understand all of the marketing jargon associated with SEO. When you hit your clients with terminology they don’t understand, the client won’t see the value you’ve provided. The client will likely feel confused and wonder why they are paying you.

The proof is in the pudding. These businesses are paying your SEO firm hundreds or even thousands each month for local SEO services. You need to be able to show them the proof. Here are a few tips to help ensure your clients know the value they are receiving from your local SEO service.

Do not send your clients automated Google Analytics reports.

We know that Google Analytics is a necessity in every Chicagoland SEO professional’s arsenal. While it’s an incredibly powerful marketing tool, it’s way too much data to send to your client, especially without explanation. Small business owners won’t look at the Google Analytics report to notice that decreasing their bounce rate means your SEO marketing plan is working.

Instead of sending an exhausting report of data they will likely not understand, provide your client with data that really matters to them. How much additional traffic was generated because of your organic search marketing plan? What are visitors doing on your website? How much traffic is the business owner’s website receiving with your marketing plan compared to before they hired your internet marketing company? This is the data your client wants to know.

Focus your report on conversions.

Again, your client wants to know the value they are getting from your services. How much of the additional traffic is being converted?

Track calls by using dynamic number insertion.

Local businesses generally depend on calls for leads, customers, and clients. It makes sense to track where the calls are coming from. But instead of using a call tracking number, use dynamic numbers. Dynamic numbers are NAP-friendly and allow you to track the sources of incoming calls.

Plan, track, and show the client tangible deliverables.

You want to ensure your client understands that organic SEO marketing could take months before impacting growth. In the meantime, you don’t want to have nothing to report to the client. Share with the client the tasks you are working on and give the client a monthly or even weekly update. Things you want to include:

  • Creating or optimizing your client’s Google My Business listing.
  • Cleaning up technical errors from your initial SEO audit.
  • Creating keyword-rich or SEO-friendly blog articles.
  • Getting new backlinks.
  • Getting the client’s business listed in business directories and citation cites.

Show before and after screenshots of the SERP.

While SERP ranking trackers are fun for marketers to play with, we cannot expect the client to get the same feeling of excitement. In fact, they can be downright scary and confusing for a client when they notice a drop in the ranking for a keyword. Instead of sharing ranking tracking reports with the client, show the client a screenshot of a monumental ranking increase that resulted from your local SEO strategy.

Treat the client like a business owner, not an SEO professional. If you truly want to help your clients see and understand the value in paying you a local SEO firm for their services, then you can’t bog them down with the excess data in Google Analytics reports. Put yourself in the client’s shoes. Do you want to try to figure out what all of the data in a detailed Google Analytics report means, taking away more time from running your business? Or do you want to work with SEO professionals who get right to the point and make you see your that your investment in local SEO services was not in vain?

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