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3 Reasons Why Mobile Programmatic Advertising Makes Sense

Programmatic advertising has conquered the world and the amount of brands that still haven’t used it is next to nothing. But what we often forget is extension of our strategy to mobile devices. You do remember that desktop and smartphones audiences should be treated in a different manner, but programmatic can be very successful for dealing with both of them.

We have prepared 3 key reasons to persuade you in case of any fears.

Bigger audience is covered

We still have our personal computers and laptops in active work. You can rely on the people who contact online world with the help of these devices, but these people certainly have smartphones as well. They use at lunch, on their way home or when feeling bored. It means that you can contact them again and offer the same information from another point of view.

Besides, there are other audiences in mobile world you haven’t met before. And both of you don’t know about each other’s presence. The situation is quite true for younger generations, they are more active smartphone users than their parents. It means that necessary product or service is oftener searched by a mobile device, rather than a computer.

Right in-app advertising attracts interested clients

The same as searching for some information, people spent time in their gadgets by hanging out in various applications. Some people prefer games, others are interested in messengers and social media applications – you should just find what is relevant for your clients. Modern advertising networks offer numerous opportunities according to topic and formats of the published ads.

To say it simply, you have more chances for success in case you publish your ad about healthy dieting in a fitness app, rather than publishing it in gaming programm. Latter case will lead to negative attitude to your brand and quite certainly for a programm owner.

Cutting your efforts

Mobile devices are used by us for so long time that it seems they have been forever. However, even a decade ago the situation with mobile advertising was absolutely different. It was a common case for many advertisers to create at least two versions of their side for users from various type of the devices. Lucky we are as technologies have gone quite far. So if you’re promoting a gym, for example, you need to make sure people can see the imagery and text one way on a browser, and another for the phone due to the formatting on each that requires the same design elements to appear in different ways. Today’s websites, ads, and the like, can be designed to automatically format for the device you’re using when you see the page or ad.

Coding is more proficient nowadays and brand owners can have one version of a website that will be displayed correctly on all types of the devices. It saves money, time for checking and maintaining everything. Besides, users themselves are not happy to be fed with a mobile version, they want to have been given unique opportunity to have the same experience no matter where they log in.


Poor understanding of the technology can be a reason of marketers’ reluctance to adopt it. Marketing opinion polls show that people believe in success of a new trend, but less than a third part in fact adopts it and enjoys the benefits.

Good news for marketers is that all technical complicated things in mobile programmatic targeting have finally gone to the past!

There are also different solutions were invented for resolving problem with cookies for mobile devices: entering on-demand, app SDK and behavioral data on mobile Web – and it is just small part of the innovations.

Still not sure? We have something for you in this case. What will you say about such icing of the cake as exact geo-targeting?

We suppose that your marketing department has already started learning the technology and how your particular brand can win from using it. Anyway, write us if you have something not clear – Mediapulsertb has a very rich experience, and we are always happy to share it with you.

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