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Utilizing Customer Data to Improve Your Content Strategy

See what we did there? That’s precisely what it is. Of course, gathering customer data will absolutely improve your content, as it provides the business with ample amounts of knowledge potential consumer needs and wants. You see, customer data can assists brands with formulating strategies that have many chances of succeeding while they improve growth and conversion.

Moreover, brands can use this very same data to craft search engine friendly content, which is optimised according to the audience’s needs. We know this can’t be easy, hence we’ve taken the time to outline the most efficient ways of utilising customer data and creating compelling and winning content. Are you wondering how?

Well, you could use the below-mentioned examples in collecting your Customer Data, this is the most critical data there is! Why? The helps businesses maintain their relevance and of course, a share of the market.

Free content offers

Use this data to create content that addresses your audience’s pain points. When applying this method include gated content, as this will enable you to ask your audiences for their valuable information, such as their name, email address and other contact information. However, don’t ask too many questions.

We not only hope your content improves; we’ve told you how to. So, go on, use that database for crafting effective content.

Giveaways & Contest

Trust us; everyone loves winning, I mean, don’t you? It’s a no-brainier because doing so provides the business with an excellent opportunity to engage with its’s audience. Don’t be cheap, ensure that the prize is worth it. Never forget your motive, so request the data you’re looking to gather. In this way.

Surveys & research

They are a great way of learning about yourdigital audience, and this can be achieved through many different practices such as emailing your most engaged potential consumers and customers, or it could be done through a website form. Your surveys should be short to keep your customers engaged. That information can also serve as research which you can use to create engaging content.

Now, let’s talk, Crafting Effective Content Marketing Material!

How? Well, by applying some of the data we’ve collected! How? Read below:

1# Classify Content That Resonates with Your Audience

There are numerous ways of distributing information, and it can be done through content such as texts, videos, infographics, webinars, and the like. The significant part is, based on that information, you can prepare better content and content marketing strategies in the future.

2# Craft Pleasing Content

Information gained from your customer data can help create content that has a higher success rate. Remember, you’re mainly trying to uncover whether a particular topic resonates with your audience or not? You need to check audiences drop off for points. The trick is, with analysing content that works comes the knowledge of the type of content that works the least.

3# Create Location-Based Content

This strategy works best when you only want to you want to cater to the audience in a specific location, and in this way, you can populate your content across all the popular social media communities in that specific location.

Remember, you can find precise data in your analytics platform, including Facebook insights and or other official social media analytics tools.

4# Know the Best Time to Share Your Content

This is of utmost importance. I mean you don’t want to spend all that time, conceptualising strategies and collecting data only to share at the wrong time. Although this can be avoided, by simply checking your analytics platform. Here you can find the time at which your customers engage the most with your site. You can also use different analytics tools from different social media platforms to try and gauge the time at which your target audience is online. Studying analytical data helps you determine the best time for publishing content on your website and social media platforms.


Knowledge is true, power! Because with it comes immense knowledge about your audience, their needs, and how to fulfil them. This knowledge can then be used to upgrade your tactics while you continually assess your audience’s wants and needs. Trust us; this will be worth every minute of your invested time.

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