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Tips To Making Business Travel Secure And Safe

As we all know, ‘business travelling’ is a very important integrant for pursuing certain business agendas. While these trips are made for a specific business aspiration and purpose, one of the most important considerations that need to be made by the companies are the safety and security arrangements for the en-route business men or employees. At the end of the day, their security and safety is what matters the most. 

Business travelling has been made secure with efficient travel risk assessment which has in return led to companies taking necessary precautions. It has been noted in recent years that predicting and protecting your employee’s health and travel security has had a huge impact on the business day to day operations. However, these measures can be difficult for companies to take on their own. It is better to employ the services of experts who deal in the safety and security industry for e.g. Haris Enterprises, such experts provide you with accurate assessments and help you immensely in keeping everyone safe who is travelling for the purposes of business. Business travelling is not like any other tour, trip, vacation etc. rather the same is for furthering business agendas and goals that need to be met and these trips are made mostly on a regular basis. 

You may take precautionary measures before embarking on your official trip. Some of the tips are provided hereunder:

  • Research

Some research may be conducted over the internet, articles or books about the area you are planning to visit. If you are travelling abroad, then you may want to check the security situation in that relevant country. It is very important to look at the crime rate, terrorism (if any), whether the Country is on a verge of war etc. No matter where the official trip is, whoever is travelling, or the company itself, may may check the crime rate or any ancillary point of issue by contacting the relevant agencies about the current situation and the necessary safeguards that need to be taken.  You may even ask a friend or relative who lives in the ‘area of visit’ and they are capable of guiding you with the actual ground work. 

Security of the hotel etc.

  • It is also recommended that the hotel or any lodges that the business traveler will be staying at, the business traveler should call the management up and ask about the security being provided by the ‘place of stay’ and if they have a website, the same may look it up over the internet and assess whether they are offering sufficient security for e.g. security guards, camera’s, barbwires etc. Moreover, the place of residence should have an electric key card, thumb impression or specific cards for entering the room. The traveler should also check whether the place of residence is taking necessary details from all the guests who are staying with the hotel etc. The business traveler may also request the staff members of the hotel etc. to ensure that all the camera’s are operational and they have adequate security keeping a watch through the camera’s. They may also request the manager to provide them with names of the staff members who are currently working with them. 

Check in

  • When checking in the hotel etc. it is recommended by professionals that the guest should not provide them with any details related to their baggage or anything that they are carrying. Moreover, the traveler should not tell the staff member of the hotel etc. any details pertaining to their purpose of travel. 


  • Do not use an ordinary taxi parked outside or in the parameters of the hotel etc. You should ask the hotel etc. to book you one. They usually keep all the details of the taxi car being used and the driver that will be responsible for taking you around. This helps in avoiding mishaps (if any).
  • Car

If the business traveler is travelling in a private car or an official car, they should ensure that the car does not attract too much attention. The more attention, the more your six sense will catch danger. However, if the car does not attract any attention, the likelihood of any harm befalling upon you will decrease immensely. However, make sure the windows are rolled up and the doors are locked to avoid you falling as a victim to a criminal act. 

  • Stay out of a fight

If anyone tries to pick up a fight with you, it is best to stay away from one and immediately call the authorities or shout for help. Carry a pepper spray with you, it has proven to be highly effective.

The aforementioned tips can be used to take precautionary measures for your own safety and can be used as pamphlets that may be handed out to the employees who are travelling on behalf of the business.

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