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The Only People Who Want Government To Run Citizens’ Lives, Are The People Who Want To Run The Government

Throughout the history of the United States, politicians have often spoken in favor of limited government because most sensible people fear that a powerful central government could easily harm them and their interests. In addition, thinking people understand that the system of limited government that our constitution assures, provides the best lives for the majority of the people.

But with the brazen, radical-left policy proposals of the current Democrat presidential candidates, announcing one big-government project after another and proposing reversing the sensible, long-practiced administration of government that the constitution enumerates, and in an attempt to gain favor and win votes from citizens who have the misdirected idea that a Socialist government is a good government and are therefore savagely looking for handouts from the next Socialist rulers, we see darkness on the horizon if any of these fools is elected. These would-be Socialists hope to run the government and gain control over their opponents and the unwashed masses in fly-over country. This takeover of government would relieve the new ruler from having to account for any excessive use of power they may commit, and would allow them to get away with any extra-constitutional dealings and corruption, just as Obama and Hillary thought they were above the law by spying on the Trump campaign, and they thought that there would never be any accounting for their crimes, once Hillary won the White House.

Since the Democrat candidates each hope to be the maximum ruler in 2021, they have no problem with a big, all-intrusive government which would not demand accounting from the winner. Equally reassuring to our Socialist-Democrat presidential candidates is their lie of global warming, which is accompanied with a latent promise that these good Socialist folks will save the world from climate disaster and then they would expect eternal gratitude from the citizens whose lives they allegedly saved, in the form of a permanent ruling position and an increase in everyone’s taxes, in order to keep the ruler comfortable and peaceably disposed toward the dependent citizens.

The gang of 20-or-so Democrat candidates will promise everything to all citizens, in violation of the constitution, just to get elected and be able to run roughshod over the citizens of America and deny the nation of the protections from a too-large government built into the constitution and its enumerated duties of government.

America must re-elect Donald Trump in 2020.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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  1. I do not agree with the title of the article. True those who wish to run other people’s lives want to run the government HOWEVER there is a faction in America who are LAZY IRRESPONSIBLE and out and out too STUPID to fend for themselves. These are the fools who are content to allow others to dictate to them.

    I am not one of those self effacing fools willing to march into a boxcar or a FEMA camp!!!.

  2. “…..There are men in all ages who mean to govern well, but make no mistake they mean to govern. They promise to be good masters..but they mean to be masters” (Daniel Webster)

    Dave, I agree with article and think that the Marine pretty much pegged what it takes to ‘buy into’ the grand programs offered by the Democratic Presidential candidates that are in a power grab contest.

    Ask almost any one ‘on the dole’ why they like to sit at the progressive/socialist table and they tel you it’s the FREE Stuff ! Apparently they are no capable of realizing that ‘freebie bucket will run dry…..point out that we would then be like Cuba or Venezuela . No doubt the answer would be, “duh, who”

    Loving this, our, grand nation isn’t enough ! We need to be INVOLVED in her stewardship, especially in this election!

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