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The Left Wing Media Falls Deeper Into Trump Derangement Syndrome


Ever since Trump became President the democrat left has become so unhinged and tried to stop him at every turn and not report any of his many successes. First, it was Stormy, Stormy, Stormy. That didn’t work. Then it was collusion, collusion, collusion. That didn’t work. Then for two and a half years, it was Russia, Russia, Russia. That didn’t work and they became doubly unhinged when their guy Mueller failed to find any Russian collusion with Trump. Of course there wasn’t any collusion with Trump because the real collusion was with Hillary who sold 20% of our uranium to Russia , which is used to make nukes among other things, for 145 million dollars to her crooked foundation and who paid a foreign spy, Christopher Steele  a million dollars laundered through an opposition  group to write a fake dossier on Trump so they could present it to a FISA court and get a warrant to tap and spy on Trump’s aid’s phone .

Hill with Vlad

The media naturally refused to go there. Then it was impeachment, impeachment, impeachment.  Now it’s recession, recession, recession and racist, racist, racist, and that’s not going anywhere either.

Recently talk show host Rush Limbaugh commented on the left’s latest tirade against Trump. Limbaugh said Democrats failed on impeachment, so now they are trying to scare Americans with talk of a recession to defeat Trump in 2020.

“The Democrats always, when there’s a Republican in the White House, we’re always on the verge of recession,” he said.

“There is no recession,” he insisted. “But I’m telling you this: The financial people in this country are all leftist. You haven’t seen anything yet in their efforts to destroy Trump.”

“This isn’t the result of what’s happening in the markets. This is what these people want you to think is happening,” Limbaugh said. “They are attempting to move public opinion so they can then go out and do a poll that will show whatever percentage of Americans are worried to death about a recession,” the radio host added.

To make his point, Rush said the unemployment numbers are near record lows for a variety of demographics, including African-Americans and Hispanics.

“According to the recent jobs report, there are literally more jobs available than people who are currently looking for a job. That’s right — there’s a job available for every single person who is looking for one.

And the stock market, which has grown impressively since Trump took office, has remained over 25,000 amid the trade war with China — which is highly impressive,” Rush noted.

In response, President Donald Trump slammed the Left on Friday for wanting the economy to go south in the hopes that he won’t get re-elected in 2020.

LiberalshavelostitIn a message directly to the American people, Trump tweeted, “The economy is strong and good, whereas the rest of the world is not doing so well.

“Despite this, the Fake News Media, together with their partner, the Democrat Party, are working overtime to convince people that we are in, or will soon be going into, a recession.”

“They are willing to lose their wealth, or a big part of it, just for the possibility of winning the election. But it won’t work because I always find a way to win, especially for the people!”


Dems have become so unhinged and jealous of all trump is accomplishing that they will say anything at this point.


Recently on CNN’s “The Lead,” network commentator Ana Navarro aggressively insisted that President Donald Trump “inspired” the August 3 mass shooting at a Walmart in El Paso, TX which left 22 people dead.

Navarro stated, “The biggest enemy is Donald Trump. He’s an enemy to sanity, he’s an enemy to stability. He’s an enemy to the American presidency. He’s an enemy of decency and of morality, and frankly, he’s an enemy of conservative and Republican principles, because if you are a Republican, you are a free trader. You are not for trade wars. You’re not for tariffs. You’re not for running a $1 trillion deficit. You’re not for antagonizing allies and coddling foes.”

Adding, “When you see a president who is using the bully pulpit of the presidency to attack other Americans, to break international relations, to cause an instability and chaos, and I think what he’s trying to do is distract us from the fact that he inspired a white supremacist to go hunt down Latinos, and that he capitulated to the NRA and that his economy is going so badly.”

Boy, is she triggered and headed for the loony bin. The economy is flourishing and everyone is doing better than in 50 years because of Trump’s policies.

Another loony leftist psychiatrist on fake News CNN recently stated that Trump will kill  more people worldwide than “Hitler, Stalin and Mao.” Hitler, Stalin and Mao are responsible for a combined 118 million deaths.

Dr. Allen Frances, professor emeritus of psychiatry at Duke University, was booked on Brian Stelter’s “Reliable Sources” program to discuss Trump’s mental health.

Psychiatrists are forbidden by their profession from diagnosing political candidates without examining them, a rule that dates back to 1964 when liberal psychiatrists ran an ad falsely claiming they had diagnosed Republican nominee Barry Goldwater as mentally ill.

But that didn’t stop Frances from using his professional status to call Trump supporters “crazy” and claim he is the most murderous leader in world history.

Frances began the segment calm, stable and claiming it is irresponsible to claim political differences are a mental disorder.”Lumping Trump with the mentally ill is a terrible insult and they have enough problems and stigma it is,” said Frances.”Calling Trump crazy hides the fact that we’re crazy for having elected him and even crazier for allowing his crazy policies to persist,” said Frances.

He then went completely nuts.”Trump is as destructive a person in this century as Hitler, Stalin, and Mao were in the last century. He may be responsible for many more million deaths than they were,” Frances claimed.
“He needs to be contained but he needs to be contained by attacking his policies, not his person. It’s crazy for us to be destroying the climate our children will live in. It’s crazy to be giving tax cuts to the rich that will add trillions of dollars to the debt our children will have to pay. It’s crazy to be destroying our democracy by claiming that the press and the courts of the enemy of the people,” he continued.



This guy is truly the unbalanced one. A quack like that has no place in a classroom or in his profession.  His statements sound like someone who is very excitable and unhinged.  The truth is  Our country is doing well under President Trump, whether people like Trump’s style or not. Facts are facts. First of all everyone got a tax cut through deductions. A single person got a $12,000 deduction up from Obama’s $6000 deduction. Married people got a $25,000 deduction up from Obama’s $12,000 deduction. People have more money in their paychecks because he lowered the FICA tax in their paychecks. Blacks, Hispanics, and women have the lowest unemployment in history because of Trump’s policies. We had 8 years under Obama a black president who did nothing for them. We have the lowest unemployment in history under Trump. Companies are coming back here in droves because he lowered the Business tax from 35% to 21%. Hillary was going to raise it to 40%. We are now energy independent because Trump opened the pipelines and is allowing drilling here so we are not dependent on OPEC anymore. The list goes on.


This guy should see his own doctor. He is suffering from TDS, an airborne mental disorder which there is no known cure except to support Trump and make America great again.

With people like Navarro, Brian Steltzer and this guy appearing on CNN is it any wonder their ratings are in the bottom of the tank?

cnn liar

Now the unhinged Dems are going after the border guard soldiers who are scheduled to receive a medal for their service. All the members of the United States Military which was deployed to the U.S.-Mexico border are eligible for receiving the Armed Forces Service Medal.  It an award of high prestige and giving recognition to all the members of the military for “significant” activity without the use of force in dealing with foreign actors.

All troops assisting the Customs and Border Protection since deployment on April 7, 2018, were authorized to receive the award from the Pentagon. Dems are now furious troops serving at the border will receive this medal saying that migrants are being treated inhumanely there.

Complaints are still flying from a party which does nothing but start trouble and get in the way of fixing things.  Democrats are still bickering about adding the funds for having the border wall built.

As always, Democrats are not happy about the awards being handed out after the operation ends, which won’t be for some time.  They have been criticizing how the migrants have been treated and the living conditions they are set to live in.  Complaints are still flying from a party which does nothing but start trouble and get in the way of fixing things.  Democrats are still bickering about adding the funds for having the border wall built.

Every conservative sees the problem is the Democrats who refuse to get off their stubborn pride and approve the funds.  They have been in the way every step of the way, and they only want illegal immigrants crossing the border so they can vote Democrat.  Our military are being used babysit illegal immigrants because Democrats are fighting against the wall being built.  At least our Armed Forces get recognized with an award for all of their hard work to show our appreciation.

US servocemeda;for border

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