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NYTimes Editor Under Fire for ‘Offensive’ Anti-Semitic Tweets

It is unclear where the leftist mobs disappear to when one of their own violates the PC culture. That question amplified when a New York editor was caught tweeting anti-Semitic tropes in his past. Yes, you heard, right. Another Democrat was discovered with some bad tweets.

One of New York Times copy editors has offered a brusque apology after his tweets about race landed him in the fire amid accusations of anti-Semitism. According to the New York Post, he worked for them when he made the controversial tweet.

CNN’s Oliver Darcy decided to add his two cents:

The Times came under scrutiny for comments made by Tom Wright-Piersanti between the years 2008 and 2010. The tweets attacked Jews and Judaism. The disgraced editor also took jabs at Native Americans, and as well as many other ethnic groups.

This revelation comes amid the many accusations going around about how “anti-Semitic” the Democratic party has become. For the past few months, Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI) have come under fire for spewing anti-Semitic comments.

This also shows the hypocrisy of the alt-left media. They constantly tell lies about Donald Trump and they are starting to believe them.


That said, one of Mr. Piersanti’s tweets talked about how he wished his colleagues a “crappy Jew year.” Additionally, another tweet spoke about phoning the “Jew police.” As offensive as these tweets are, they went mostly unnoticed for the majority of Mr. Piersanti’s career. With the rise of anti-Semitism going on in the country among Democrat officials, it is hard to believe that these tweets evaded the thought police.

Once the controversial tweets surfaced, The Times said they were a violation of its “editorial standards” and that the paper would investigate into the matter further. It is unclear what those investigations might include. I have reached out to the Times and still awaiting a reply.

According to “The Wrap,” Mr. Piersanti tweeted a statement following the discovery. “I have deleted tweets from a decade ago that are offensive. I am deeply sorry,” The Wrap also revealed that Mr. Piersanti’s account was locked entirely and made private.

Moreover, we know that had he been a conservative, he would have gotten a harsher sentence. Leftist mobs would have protested and boycotted The Times. People would have shown up at his house and protested. His family would be harassed without measure.

While we shouldn’t condone this type of behavior directed at anyone, it just goes to show how hypocritical the Democrats are. They operate within the quote of, “do as we say, not as we do.” This quote rings true more and more each day.

One great example comes from Fox News. Just this week it was revealed to the public that a former Miss Michigan beauty queen was stripped of her title for refusing to delete her “pro-Trump” tweets.

Fox’s Danielle Wallace wrote:

“A beauty queen known for her pro-Trump conservative views was stripped of her Miss Michigan title and dismissed from the Miss World America pageant this week after the organization found her social media presence ‘offensive, insensitive and inappropriate.’ Kathy Zhu, 20, and president of College Republicans at the University of Michigan tweeted screenshots of the email correspondence with the Miss World America organization on Thursday.”

It is stunning to see such blatant hypocrisy stemming from the left. One must ask themselves would an Obama supporter get treated the same way? What about a Nancy Pelosi supporter? The answer is a strong “no.”

How do we know this? Because Obama supporters have never gotten “dethroned” for their support for the former president.

It is unclear how this situation with Mr. Piersanti’s anti-Semitic tweets will play out. I guess that the Times will let this die down and pretend like it never happened. That is usually what the Democrat media does in situations like this.

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