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Evidence Suggests Having More Guns in Schools Can Help Avoid Shootings

The fact that many students go to school worried they might become the next casualty in a schooling shooting is beyond disturbing. With school shootings only becoming more prevalent,  Americans are demanding a solution to keep children safe. While many on the right suggest arming school staff is a logical step, those on the left adamantly disagree.

When you step onto school premises and see the signs “Gun Free Zone,” it instills confidence in students knowing that those rules would not dare be broken.


The words “Gun Free Zone” are arguably a beckoning bell to the sick individuals who prey on innocent victims. Announcing that there are no self-defense parameters in place for innocent children is just an advertisement for disaster.

There have been 22 school shootings in 2019 thus far where at least one individual has been killed or injured. The current procedures put in place are not working. Many Democrats have continuously called for stricter gun control in the wakes of school shootings. But is that the answer? Common sense and concrete facts suggest otherwise.

Taking a look at one of the United States’ greatest allies, Israel, we see that school shootings are an infrequent occurrence. Seeing armed teachers and security guards at Israeli schools is a typical sight. Israel is a very hated nation where terroristic threats are an everyday concern, so it makes sense that it would have heightened school security.

Israeli schools with at least 100 students have guards posted, and civilian police administer school security. In the Jewish State, weapon yielding private citizens make up a high percentage of those who negated terrorist murder plots. Unlike in America, Israel has strict background checks and mental health evaluations before the allowance of private gun ownership.

This has been a highly divisive topic in the US. Most citizens seem to agree that background mental checks are a reasonable requirement. However, some are very concerned that putting politicians in charge of determining who is mentally sound and who isn’t could be a slippery slope. Red flag laws have already shown the potential trouble of these kinds of requirements.

There has been an abundant amount of troublesome comments and actions by many top Democrats in regards to President Trump and his supporters. These instances have made many citizens leery of stricter gun control laws. For example, a congresswoman, Rashida Tlaib, told a crowd shortly after being sworn in that “we’re going to impeach the mother-f’er” about President Trump. Cory Booker says he wants to punch our President. Maxine Waters has made comments telling her to harass Trump supporters.

Politicians who have made it publically known that they have an extreme distaste for Trump and his voters, want to be in charge of creating laws determining who is mentally sound. For Republicans to be wary of this is warranted.

Let us take a look at a city that is run by Democrats and has some of the strictest gun control laws in the US. According to the Chicago Tribune, 1,517 people had been shot as of July 28 in the Windy City. This shows that even with strict gun laws, illicit gun owners will manage to continue gun violence. From 2013 to 2018, according to the city’s Gun Trace Report, 8,309 illegal guns were recovered.

In the US, there are 14 states where there are teachers who can carry guns. Now, this is not a casual matter; the teachers go through substantial training to carry guns. According to data from the Giffords Law Center, eight states have instated policies where school employees have been granted allowance to carry guns on school property. Those states include Idaho, Kansas, Louisiana, Missouri, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, and Wyoming.

An organization based in Colorado is trying to provide a way to increase protection in public places where people can feel safe. Bullets Both Ways states its mission states: Bullets Both Ways is a bold American brand and apparel line specifically created to promote and support enhanced protection measures in our nation’s schools, churches, and communities. When an evil perpetrator shows up with the intent to destroy, we need Bullets Both Ways as opposed to one way from an unchallenged perpetrator!

This organization sells freedom inspired apparel and sells a variety of shirts, hats, wristbands, custom decors, and other products. With every purchase, it supports sponsorships of firearm training scholarships for school and church staff who want to defend against possible danger. They started in 2018 and have a nonprofit which gives mental health resources to schools.

The communications director for Bullets Both Ways, Evan Todd, is a Columbine shooting survivor. He is said to be the last person who had spoken to the shooters who went on a killing spree in April 1999. This survivor has been a passionate advocate for increasing school security and arming teachers since the tragedy took place.

Having to use bullets is a last resort. Bullets Both Ways aims to help individuals recognize threats to try and avoid firing back unless deemed necessary. They also want to supply people with resources, so they are prepared in the wake of a shooting.

Realizing that more guns in the hands of highly trained teachers could save countless lives and give communities comfort in feeling safe is something to consider. When we look at cities with the strictest gun control laws, we see the highest crime rates. We also understand that law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves while those who continue to find guns illegally wreak havoc. Providing teachers with the training, skills, and knowledge on gun and other safety measures has the potential to reduce the number of innocent lives lost to school shooting violence in the future.

Originally published at Patriots Of The Lord.

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