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Democrats Hate Reading, Riting, and Rithmatic (The 3R’s)

At no other time in history do we owe so much to our younger generations for horribly abusing them. The abuses forced upon US children are disgraceful – even compared to third world countries!

Facts are finally being exposed about the Democrat Party’s Teacher Union educational achievement cloak of secrecy and out into the public arena.

American children are leaving our so-called educational centers (high school & colleges) with about as much knowledge as they enter having no abilities to compete or understand ‘reality.’ In Baltimore, not even one student reads at grade level or is proficient in math!

Government, American History, English, Science, Literature, Math, World History, and other ‘rudimentary’ educational standards are no longer found within academia. Is this intentional?

Instead, these critical courses have been replaced with social justice, safe spaces, pre-marital sex, abortion, anti-Godliness, Socialism, Hate America, Racism, Sexism, Homophobia, best types of illegal drugs, illegal alien support systems, how to steal unregistered illegal guns, hate law enforcement, hate Israel, and especially hate President Trump classes.

Do any of these classes prepare anyone for a fulfilled successful adult life? Nope! We can see it in action when the Democrats sound their bugles and call them into the streets to protest issues they can’t even explain.

How is it possible for America to ever decide to toss our children under the bus? How does any Political leader sit idle when we have such a major crisis in America?

When Americans are exposed to the evil scams Jeffrey Epstein pulled on our children, Americans fake outrage! However, the educational sins creating vulnerable children are seemingly okay!

Again, Politicians to the rescue to medicate the symptoms but never the disease, right? Instead, our best and brightest warriors are off to fight the ‘real’ issues in America like plastic straws and bags, banning guns, the global warming hoax, boycotting Israel, Russia hoax, taking down a duly elected President, and similar ilk!

How does that work for America? Is there a massive difference between Jeffrey Epstein’s sexual abuses Vs educator intelligence abuse? Which disease forces the victim to suffer the most?

Yes, our Government Educational monopolies are doing great damage and a disservice to millions of American youth.

Once Democrats were able to monopolize our educational systems through their labor union partners, our children were no longer a part of the educational equation for American educational goals to lead the world in math, science, entertainment, engineering, and other valuable disciplines.

Once Democrats took control, children became nothing more than a ‘slot-machine’ to generate money for Democrats. Yes, one big slot machine that pays off regularly for Democrats created by and for Democrats.

Every child registered in public education is an automatic contribution to the Democrat Party. Ever wonder why Democrats want our public schools packed with illegal aliens? Wonder no longer!

Yes, education serves the Democrat Party very richly. As in any political “greed scheme,” programs, players, and logic is cast aside in favor of scams to increase financial gain and power.

Turning our back on generations of children is what has been done with public education. It is not only shameful and a disgrace, but a disease medically diagnosed as a mental illness. It’s called Liberalism.

Liberalism is a difficult disease to understand. No, there is no known medication to cure it. Instead, it requires an indoctrination into ‘real world’ life and solutions.

It’s especially a difficult treatment when one is taught all of their lives to reject fact and truth and never verify – otherwise one must accept the reality of a failing grade!

Unfortunately, Liberalism has infected the entire Democrat Party as well as many Republicans. Let no one doubt about why these people act and do insane things.

Consider statements like, “We should spend out way out of debt.” Is this reality or insanity? If such an insane philosophy would be personally attempted, bankruptcy court is just moments away!

None-the-less, Democrats openly make such statements but if anyone disagrees, then they become ‘racists.’ Isn’t that a further example of insanity?

Imagine how cold-hearted Democrats and Republicans have become to watch millions of our children fail academically and choose to do nothing about it!

What’s even worse, is they sit idle without shame, apology, or apparently no regret! That too would be a prime example of insanity, right?

Democrat reactions to school choice and/or ‘voucher programs’ is similarly insane. Instead of wanting the best possible education for our children – especially in poor neighborhoods, Democrats demand they stay in their place of failing and unsafe schools!

Even when it means degrading the US Military with threats to cut Military budgets, there are no limits to Democrat’s lust for money and power. If you dare interfere with the Democrat’s money-laundering Teacher Union slot-machine scams, they’ll deny Military children an education.

Meanwhile, Republicans are well informed about these scams so what does it say about the core principles of Republicans? Most of us understand not responding to any heinous act is an answer and even being an accomplice, right?

Since the Department of Justice won’t get involved in political sins, Americans must not forget or challenge Republicans when we go to the voting booths. An ‘R’ beside one’s name doesn’t stand for automatic ‘Righteousness.’

The only possible hope for any resolution to the massive problems America faces in education is President Trump. Please do not hesitate to contact his staff and give them ideas about how to correct the educational swamp and give a big win to our children!

America must adopt a zero-tolerance for child abuse, and it begins with educators being properly trained to teach fact and truth and get rid of ‘PC’ politics in education. We must return to the three R’s!

Hebrews 5:11-14 Of whom we have many things (critical information) to say, and hard to be uttered (difficult to explain to unlearned people), seeing ye are dull of hearing (don’t want to or not possible to learn). For when for the time ye ought to be teachers (learned adults), ye have need that one teach you again (go back to ABC’s) which be the first principles of the oracles of God (just because we are adults doesn’t mean we are learned in facts but need to be educated); and are become such as have need of milk (instead of adults full of wisdom, we are babies, ignorant, and still on the teat), and not of strong meat (able to digest higher levels of education). For everyone that useth milk is unskilful (ignorant living in imperfection) in the word of righteousness (everything good and decent within life you can’t comprehend): for he is a babe (still in diapers and unable to function in society). But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age (matured mentally and physically), even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil (able to function in the real world using fact and truth – not wives tales or propaganda).

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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  1. We haven’t had any public education since 1960 when government and the teachers unions took over education.

    We now have Deep State indoctrination camps that MASQUERADE as public education producing “functionally illiterate” automatons ready, willing. and prepared to do the bidding of the Deep State.

    Now according to the elites’ of the Deep State all we need to know is contained within the walls of those Deep State indoctrination centers where they inculcate (brainwash) those who are most impressionable, the ages of five through eighteen, in what the Deep State Globalist government wants them to know. Using what is known as “COMMON CORE!!!

    When someone asks me about the issue of Common Core.
    I have to ask which issue?
    The fact that they were written by trade organizations and not educators?
    The fact that they were adopted by states without any legislative approval?
    The fact that they are inappropriate standards for early childhood learning?
    The fact that they are lower than many standards that were already in place?
    The fact that they have no projected cost analysis to the states?
    The fact that they collect data on my children and family without permission?
    The fact that they include tests that ask inappropriate questions of my kids?
    The fact that they may be in violation of 3 Federal Laws governing education?
    The fact that personal information is being sold to testing companies for profit?
    The fact that teachers are being assessed on the outcomes of questionable tests?
    The fact that local school boards have lost all control over their schools?
    The fact that the government changed laws to release personal data to virtually anyone?
    The fact that these standards will not prepare kids tor college and STEM careers?
    The fact that students are struggling with questionable math problems?
    The fact that parents are not allowed to see what tests the children are taking?
    The fact that teachers don’t understand the curriculum they are forced to teach?
    The fact that you have no idea about this?
    Now which issue would you like to discuss?
    That is Common Core!

    1. What great and spot on information!

      Thanks for sharing it with me.

      Have a great day,


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