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Conservative Looking for Funding to Develop Application Similar to Twitter and Youtube

Fellow Conservative Americans, I have started working on an application like Twitter and YouTube combined. Uncensored postings other than profanity and Illegal things. A site and communication application where conservatives will have an open forum to express their opinions without hateful return comments. LeChirp will have a way to post conservative minded videos as well as “chirps” of 200 characters.

Conservatism is the politics of deep belief in the United States Constitution as written. It is a respect for American traditions, republicanism, against communism, support for Judeo-Christian values, pro-business, complete individualism, American exceptionalism, and the defense of our Western culture from the threats of socialism, authoritarianism, and loss of morality. American conservatives believe in limiting government in size and scope, and in the balance between national government and states’ rights.

We don’t want to do away with the Electoral College and let NY, Chicago and California run our country and choose our president. We don’t want to let the Left take away our guns, kill newborn babies, and let illegal immigrants in by the hundreds of thousands.

The Profits of LeChirp will go to support valuable charities such as Tunnel To Towers which funds mortgages and builds houses for the families of the fallen, be they military or police. Or Wounded Warriors or Disabled Veterans.

The best business in recent entrepreneurial history were started with little or no money and mostly with “sweat equity”. We are three guys an IT and management expert, a web designer, and an application developer. We are all working this start-up for no financial gain, In fact we are putting up the first $25,000 ourselves for the computer equipment we need to get started. We do not have a 100-page long business plans, ours is seven pages. We started by putting together spreadsheets of expenses, which allowed us to calculate how much revenue we need to break even and keep the lights on in our office. We think the application makes sense, the Kickstarter site has an overview of our competition and why our app would be important to all conservatives, and why they should use it.

If you kindly invest over $200 in LeChirp, I will give you a LeChirp logo coin which can be exchanged later, when LeChirp is successful, for more than your investment, so your money will earn. You can reach me at Our Kickstarter site is www.kickstarter,com/projects/lechirp. Thank You.

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