Colin Kaepernick is Still Ready for NFL Return after Three Years of Exile due to National Anthem Protest

Almost three years ago, NFL player Colin Kaepernick decided to make a statement by first sitting then kneeling during the national anthem. The action was made as a protest directed at inequality between races and police brutality that face races of color in America. What happened is that Kaepernick has not only been the talk of social media, and politics, but he has not been placed in any roster for three seasons that have added up to more than 800 days.

And, if fans are worried that he is not ready to play football, is not up to it, or has slacked in the specific training that his fellow players are subjected to – he has gone on to assure all his followers that he has not slacked up.

He is ready, has made sure of that by being up and working out every day, five days a week. It might sound a bit farfetched, but pictures and a video on Twitter have been released depicting him in the gymnasium as he works out.

He is not only ready, but he is more than ready, and he looks it too.

He has been a free agent and has concentrated his efforts on keeping in shape while his grievance with the NFL have taken their course and reached settlement just this last February.

He remains unsigned even though another teammate who had been his partner in the issue has already been signed up.

With preseason coming up fast, there is a general worry that he will spend another season without a contract with any of the NFL team.

Having always been known for exceptional work ethics and timings (that applies even with practice), he has also been known to be among the first to come and last to leave from practice, and still, he has not had one single opportunity to get an NFL experience in three years. If he joins another team this season, you can search here for no fee NFL tickets to watch his Team’s NFL games paying quite less.

With a career of six years in NFL, he has ranked a rating of 88.9 as a quarterback and 18th in NFL. His numbers place him in completion with big names in NFL such as Andy Dalton, Tom Brady, Nick Foles, Derek Carr, etc.

For a career in American football, 3 years is a rather long time to waste away from the field especially with a player who has been known for dedication, results, records and that includes – touchdowns, passes, interceptions, and has been 17th best quarterback during his time with the 49ers.

It seems such a loss of a good player who should have been out there on the field achieving more results. Now, he is 31 years old, and he is ready for the field – the question is whether he will get signed up this coming season or not.

With the lawsuit settled, he should be signed up sooner rather than later, at least so he should have the chance to put his experience in the field where it would add points for his career, his team, and NFL in general.

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