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Cardboard balers are one of the most useful equipment for industries today

Cardboard recycling becomes much easy by using cardboard recycling balers, which are important equipment for industries and organizations of all sizes. The cost of recycling becomes much more affordable by using balers that compress soft cardboard boxes into bales that are ready for feeding into recycling machines. It is easy to operate balers that come in various shapes and sizes to suit industry requirements. Cardboard is the staple packing material for all almost types of industries. So the corresponding waste generation is also huge. If this is sent to the landfill, it will cause problems as it will soon fill the area. Since the landfill area is always much less than the demand, it makes good sense to recycle cardboard that also adds to sustainability by conserving the material.

How balers work

The equipment consists of a chamber that holds the cardboard fed into the machine. After closing the door once the chamber is full, a hydraulic ram compresses the cardboard into a tight mass that acquires the shape and size of the bale. Once the bale is ready, it is tied with a nylon string or strapping and then ejected from the machine for hauling to the recycling facility.

Size and weight of bales

Cardboard balers come in various sizes, and the width and height differ according to the size of bale required. It is possible to obtain the desired dimensions of the bale by selecting the suitable cylinder size and varying the pressure applied to cardboard. All these factors contribute to the size and weight of the bale. Depending on the product used for baling, the size of the bale can vary between 3 and 6 feet wide, and its weight can be between 200 lbs and above 1000 lbs. The end-user decides what size and weight of bale suit them and selects the baler accordingly. Depending on the scale of recycling, its frequency, and the space available at the waste generation end and the recycling facility, the size and weight of bales can vary.

Why baling?

Cardboard baling helps to maintain clutter-free space and reduces the risks of fire and vermin. It reduces the waste material that goes for landfill and encourages recycling that is good for the environment and generates a revenue stream for some industries besides saving cost. The biggest advantage of baling is that it helps to economize waste materials and saves the cost of waste handling. The company can either save cost by recycling the material or sell off the bales to earn revenue.

Saving storage space is another benefit of baling, and companies can save storage cost as it would require much less space to store bales. Bales help to increase the efficiency in handling waste materials and create a safe workplace by de-cluttering the work areas which would otherwise be overloaded.

Before buying a baler, you must have the right idea about conveyors systems, the essential piece of equipment in the recycling and waste handling industry, and the amount of waste handling so that you can buy the right size of equipment. Knowledge about the various types of balers available in the market should help in selecting the right one.

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