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Call Tracking – A Great Marketing Technique for Businesses

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Are you an entrepreneur? Chances are you might have heard about the numerous benefits of tracking the number of visits to your website. But did you know that tracking your website and phone calls can give you a competitive advantage in that you will be able to adjust your marketing campaigns to a solution that actually drives conversions? If you are excited about this prospect and you wish to measure your marketing with AvidTrak feel free to contact them today and get a competitive call tracking package for your business. 

What Is Call Tracking? 

Call tracking involves tracking, analyzing and measuring the data from the business calls you receive each day. With call tracking, you are able to assign a different phone number to every marketing campaign both online and offline. These numbers are then forwarded to your main telephone number where your staff members can answer them.  By doing this, you can compare and measure phone traffic generated by each line and determine which marketing strategies are effective and which ones are not yielding fruits.  

How Will Call Tracking Benefit Your Business? 

When done right, call tracking can significantly increase conversions and improve your return on investments.

Here are a few marketing benefits of call tracking.

1. Call Tracking Eliminates Wasted Ad Spend

If you are on a tight promotional budget, one of the things you need to cut off is inefficient promotional strategies. By using call tracking, you will be able to determine which marketing efforts are resulting in sales and which ones are doing nothing for your business. 

For example, call tracking can help you realize that placing a half-page print advert in a local newspaper can be very expensive but produce minimal results since your target audience does not read newspapers. Thus if you cut the print adverts and put more effort on pay per click strategies your sales might go up significantly.  

2. You Will Be Able To Close the Marketing Gap

One great benefit you will get from call tracking is the ability to close the sales gap. Ideally, a sale follows a set pattern; the prospective customer looks for a solution to his problem by googling and visiting websites and blog posts. 

Once he comes across a solution, he/she will call the number provided and attempt to buy the product or service. However, there is one critical step that is significantly missing from this process. What made this customer decide to specifically call this business? Which marketing strategy sealed the deal and made the conversion? 

By using call tracking, you can be able to determine exactly which marketing effort made the sale and you will no longer need to speculate about which techniques are working and which are not. 

3. Your Marketing Strategies Will Be More Focused On Sales

More often than not, marketers put a lot of focus on creating leads. However, at the end of the day, likes, phone calls, and clicks do not make any money. Sales do. This is why it is very important to create strategies that will generate sales and bring income to your company. 

By using call tracking software that not only tracks calls but also follows the caller throughout the sales process you will be able to determine which strategies are futile and scrape them off and instead optimize the ventures that are bringing more conversions.

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