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Beto Says Attacks Like El Paso Will Happen Again As Long As Trump Is In Office

2020 presidential candidate Beto O’Rourke said that as long as President Donald Trump is in office, mass shootings like the one Saturday in El Paso, Texas, will happen again.

Two mass shootings killed a total of 31 people Saturday and Sunday in Texas and Ohio. Trump visited Dayton, Ohio, where one shooting took place, earlier Wednesday. He also visited El Paso Wednesday.

Former Texas Rep. O’Rourke told MSNBC’s Jacob Soboroff that as long as Trump remains in office, shootings like these will continue to happen.

“It will happen again because what happened in El Paso is not an isolated incident,” O’Rourke said. “There are very real consequences to his words, to his tweets, to the racism that he fans. You saw this in May at a rally in Florida, he says, ‘How are we going to stop these people’ — meaning these immigrants — ‘from coming to this country?’ Someone yells out ‘shoot ’em!’ The crowd roars with approval, and he laughs, says, ‘That’s okay with me.’”

O’Rourke also said Wednesday that Trump is a white supremacist and that he has “dehumanized” people who don’t look or pray like “the majority here in this country.” He has blamed the president for the mass shooting.

“Again, we in El Paso have born the brunt of all of that but we in El Paso are standing up to all of that and I have never been more proud of this community than I have in this moment,” O’Rourke told Soboroff on “Deadline: White House” Wednesday.

Trump arrived in El Paso Wednesday afternoon to visit survivors of Saturday’s shootings. Before the visit, he was in Dayton where he visited survivors from that attack.

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  1. SCUM like Beto (a lunatic who eats dirt and fantasized about murdering “happy” children) furthers the narrative that most Americans have NOTHING in common with leftist scumbags like him.

  2. As I said

    Antifa terrorist belongs to the demoncrats

    it was their member(s)

    who shot and killed all those innocent people

    at the el paso walmart!!!

  3. They happened with Osama was in office and they will continue as long as they make movies like “The Hunt” coming out next month where people hunt people a sick movie to me!


  5. Everything about this comment is a lie, yet they try to slide it in and brainwash anyone still ignorant enough to be with this party over Trump: You saw this in May at a rally in Florida, he says, ‘How are we going to stop these people’ — meaning these immigrants — ‘from coming to this country?’ Someone yells out ‘shoot ’em!’ The crowd roars with approval, and he laughs, says, ‘That’s okay with me.’” 1. For the millionth time, Trump is referring to ILLEGALS and not all immigrants/all Mexicans. They can be ANY race. 2. He laughed AT the idiot who said to shoot them, because it was ridiculous and he didn’t condone it. 3. He specifically said he was NOT okay with shooting them, and Beto the BSer purposely left out the “not” and fabricated a completely fake quote. This is what happens when you train yourself to find facts and don’t allow yourself to be brainwashed.

  6. Has Beto O’Roark just granted license to all who oppose Donald Trump’s Presidency to shoot at whomever they please, as an expression of their displeasure with a reality that they cannot lawfully alter until the next General Election?

  7. This will happen no matter who is president and it’s pure stupid to say or think such as this.

  8. As long as the Republican Party plays kowtow to the NRA as well as dominate the Senate – this country will never see peace. Republicans love their guns. Live by their guns and don’t mind dying by their guns. Too bad they don’t worry about feeding, clothing and educating their families ’cause they spend all of their life savings on every type of firearm. Damn shame.

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