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African Migrants Stuck In Mexico Fight Authorities, Demand Passage To US: Report

  • People from various African countries stuck in southern Mexico have formed the Assembly of African Migrants, leveling racism charges and demanding the right to travel northward.
  • Mexico, faced with Trump’s threats, have dramatically stepped up illegal immigration enforcement, and have kept thousands of illegal aliens in the city of Tapachula. 
  • The African migrants have grown frustrated over their prolonged detention, and on Tuesday violently clashed with Mexican authorities. 

Thousands of African migrants held up in a southern Mexican city have formed an official organization, criticizing their treatment by immigration authorities and demanding passage into the United States.

The Assembly of African Migrants — a confederation of about 3,000 people from various African countries currently detained in Tapachula, Mexico — launched this week. The group issued its first press release on Thursday, describing their origins, how they’ve suffered since entering Mexico, and their demands.

“We, the people of African origin, forced to remain Tapachula, suffer an unbearable humanitarian situation related to nurture, housing, health and hygiene; as well as systematic discrimination by immigration authorities,” their press release began. “Since we left our countries, for us life has been a permanent escape. We feel despair, hopelessness, fear, demoralization, loneliness and abandonment.”

The Assembly of African Migrants is made up of illegal immigrants who traveled from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Cameroon, and other African countries. They left their countries, travelled across South and Central America, but have remained detained in Tapachula, a city on Mexico’s southern border near Guatemala.

Thanks in large part to pressure from the Trump administration, the Mexican government has dramatically stepped up enforcement against illegal immigration. While the majority of illegal migrants traveling through Mexico are Central Americans, thousands of African migrants have also found themselves stuck near Tapachula’s federal immigration office.

Faced with threats of tariffs from Washington, D.C., the Mexican government has placed thousands of newly-formed National Guard troops on its southern border with Guatemala, and have blocked caravans attempting to travel through its country. Mexico has also agreed to work with the Trump administration on Wait in Mexico and metering policies that keep illegal immigrants out of the U.S.

Besides blaming “Western powers” of fomenting the chaos that eventually forced them to flee, and accusing Mexican authorities of hostility and racism, they are demanding they be allowed to keep traveling north. Many of them are hoping to obtain transit passes that will allow them to reach the U.S. or Canada.

“Our situation is deplorable and violates our human rights,” the press release continued. “When we go out to the streets to demand solutions and rights, we suffer more repression by agents of the National Guard and Municipal Police, we are treated with violence while the competent authorities neither listen to us nor receive us.”

Clashes between illegal immigrants and Mexican authorities has reached an apex. Dramatic footage was released on Tuesday of Africans migrants fighting with law enforcement in Tapachula.

The clashes come as Mexico is witnessing a record number of migrants from Africa, complicating an already arduous repatriation process for those required to return home.

Four times as many undocumented Africans reached Mexico in 2018 compared to five years ago, according to data from the Mexican Office for Domestic Affairs. More recently, the number of illegal Africans tripled in the first four months of 2019 compared to the same period of time in 2018. Most of them are attempting to reach the U.S., fleeing the instability of their home countries.

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  1. They don’t have “RIGHTS” to just cross our border illegally and get on the list for all the “freebies”. This is killing the hard working American taxpayer. Just FOLLOW OUR PROCEDURE RULES.

  2. While I understand their impatience and the hardships overcome to get this far, this was a choice they made themselves. Not the United States. When it was lack of laws and order that reeked havoc in Africa, I can’t imagine how they would want to create the same situation here or Mexico by ignoring laws that are for protection ??

    While far from ‘ideal’ they aren’t being subjected to murders of families, rape of their wives and daughters, gentile mutilation or starvation.It isn’t costing them a single penny while both the US & Mexico are expending a vast amount of financial resources that could take care of their own.

    I’m encouraged to see Mexico standing up with us, I’d be more encouraged if OUR CONGRESS would.

    The first US Immigration laws were established by Congress in the late 1700’s and none of the changes promises criminal trespassers have the authority to challenge or change them. We are a blessed Nation times over. EVERY American has the duty to “Protect and Preserve” it. EVERY American has the power to insure that is done. We, each, USE THAT POWER.

    Only then, can we remain….”ONE NATION UNDER GOD”

  3. Thousands? There is something going on to have that many “poor desperate refugees” able to travel from Africa to Mexico and then spend thousands of dollars more to the drug cartels to transit Mexico to the US border. Who is paying for this? It seems there are some folks working incredibly hard to destroy our national security by overwhelming our immigration system.

    YOU….ITS HERE. !!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. I’m frankly sick of these people demanding to come into our country. This nation has never let so many poor into our country. This is the work of Obama and Soros and the left is to damn stupid to see it. Obama an illegal himself has been trying to take this country down and the left is letting it happen. Wake up Patriots we are going to have our hands full. This is why they want our guns. Never relinquish them. Bury them, whatever it takes. God bless America

  6. The left claim that the Rich don’t pay taxes! Well thanks to our law makers and senators mostly all being criminals and getting Rich off of our hard work, I agree that these Rich elites are Not paying taxes. So they don’t have one little bit invested in paying to care for all of these illegals they are bringing here, And I would like to know just how all of these illegals from Africa got to Mexico or South America in the first place! We did Not invite them here and they have No Right to Demand anything from Us, Our Constitution and Bill of Rights do Not cover anyone that is not a Citizen or Legal Reesident of the USA!
    Send them ALL back to wherever they came from and house them ALL there, we can help with that cost as long as they are NOT allowed to enter our borders until IF and WHEN they are Granted the right to enter and then only as long as they follow Our Laws and are able to get a job. If Not then they are sent back home the same way they got here in the first place! Someone has sold these people a bill of goods and promised them FREE Milk and Honey at our expense! If we dont stop this NOW it will never be stopped and everyone will be literal Slaves to pay for it!

  7. Why should American people have to take care of these people who will burden social welfare, more will not work at the cost to American tax payers. And deportation is free either and as American I do not think America shout even be burden to pay to depoo those who are not excepted may it be for being a killing murder child rapist ect.. make them go back.

  8. They seem very unhappy in Mexico, feeling depressed and repressed. They complain of racism. They make demands. So……I suggest Mexico ask them if this is worse in Mexico where they are or if things were worse in the country they are fleeing. If the answer is that it is worse in Mexico, send them back right away. If things were so bad in their countries of origin that they are worse than Mexico, they should shut up and be glad they have not been immediately deported. Given the US’s new asylum rule, they do not qualify for asylum. So, stay in Mexico, return to one of the countries through which they passed, or return to their country of origin are viable choices for them. Unfortunately, they have no respect for Mexico or its laws, just as they do not respect any of the countries they came through. They don’t want to be anywhere else in the world except the US. Rather than fleeing FROM something, they are pushing to get to the US where they can live the American Dream they have heard about …. at US taxpayer expense. I’m voting for Trump in 2020. This massive demand to enter the US from huge numbers of people pushing their way through Mexico to our US southern border has to stop.

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