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Why Sailors Prioritize The Presence of a VHF Antenna Mount

Marine technology has developed a VHF antenna mount with a double swing arm specifically for Ford Explorers. How good is that? With a release date estimated for the end of May 2011, people are already queuing to be among the first to have and install one of these in their SUV. Some stores offer advance orders because the interest in this assembly is very large. Finally, SUV owners can clearly see their maps and GPS screens in a large format suitable for their vehicle.

This VHF antenna mount adapts to laptops and places them at a convenient height and distance for the driver. The double oscillating arm allows a fine adjustment of the position of the laptop once it has been placed in the holder.

The side retainers allow the support to fit a laptop of any size and allow different configurations to avoid blocking any of the ports on the sides of the laptop. There is also space in the tray holder to place a phone and/or a GPS device next to the laptop. In addition, an easily adjustable telescopic pole adds the final touch to the customization of the dual rotating arm for laptop assembly with Marine technology mount for Ford Explorer 2011.

Since summer is almost here, this is the best time to create a checklist and make sure you are prepared for more fun in the sun this year. For navigation enthusiasts, a new marine digital antenna has hit the market. It is officially known as a 528-VW digital antenna. A 4-foot white VHF marine antenna and Power Boat Reports has chosen it as the best 4-foot VHF antenna. It is perfect for use in speedboats, sailboats, and tops.

This antenna has a gain of 4.5 decibels and its construction has literally won awards. It offers high quality, powerful performance, through its compact design. A favorite feature of installers and customers is the 500 GOLD series, easy-to-install connector system. The factory-made mini-UHF female connector with PL-259 adapter (UHF) makes it easy to connect to the radio and eliminates the need to solder connectors. This product is attractive and elegant with its high gloss, white and urethane finish.

Additional information on assembly and installation for the 500 GOLD series: 528-VW | 529-VB includes:

• Mounting: Standard 1 “-14 threaded base

• Connector: Factory-made UHF female mini with UHF mini male to male UHF adapter (PL259)

Cable: Includes 15 ‘of our stable, low loss, tinned braided RG-8X marine cables, shielded with metal foil, stable to UV rays

Once you have used this antenna, you will understand why you won awards for being the best in your class.

A VHF antenna mount is essential for anyone who owns any of the different VHF antenna mount models available at BOE Marine. The signal received by the GPS unit is crucial for the performance of the unit itself. With a VHF antenna mount, the GPS unit can get signals from the 24 different satellites that transmit signals to GPS units. The VHF antenna mount will make your travel experience easier because it makes the GPS unit more accurate, which in turn reduces the possibility of receiving incorrect instructions.

Most VHF antenna mounts are waterproof and you can easily mount them in your car. These antennas have magnetic support that allows them to be magnetically attached to a car or a boat. The antennas are also compatible with almost all marine electronic models. Therefore, you do not have to buy a specific antenna for a specific marine electronics unit. The marine electronic navigation antennas are powered by LNA and their voltage range can reach up to 5.5 VDC.

VHF antenna mounts are essential to provide marine electronic units with excellent navigation. Whether you are driving your car on busy city streets or navigating an unknown lake, the VHF antenna mount is an indispensable unit. There are external and internal antennas and, therefore, the performance varies.

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