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What’s Worse: Russia Helping A U.S. Political Candidate, Or A Sitting U.S. President Corruptly Destroying A Candidate?

We have the administration of Barack Obama to thank for the horrible political corruption they put in place when they lied to the FISA court and allowed the FBI and the State Department to illegally spy on the Trump presidential campaign and accumulate false data to be used against Trump as “insurance”, in the texted words of FBI investigator, Peter Strzok, one of the chief FBI investigators assigned to get dirt on the Trump campaign, to assure that Donald Trump would never occupy the Oval Office.

During the Mueller investigation thirty indictments not related to any collusion on the part of Trump people, were activated against people for events distantly, or not at all related, to the Trump presidential campaign. At the same time there were no indictments against anyone related to the Clinton campaign, even though the current FBI Director at the time, James Comey, listed on a public television broadcast, the many crimes he knew Hillary had committed, but he decided not to present the evidence he had on her crimes to a Grand Jury because he believed her crimes were unintentional.

Is it appropriate for an investigator to wear a blindfold while investigating a crime, ignoring the crimes of one culprit and going after people distantly related to another? It has become obvious that investigating criminal activity during the 2016 presidential campaign was not the intent of the Mueller investigation; the only outcome Democrats and the Washington swamp wanted was the destruction of President Trump, and our Donald out-smarted them all.

Anyone who watched the Mueller fiasco when he appeared before the House Democrat attack committees on Wednesday will come away convinced that Robert Mueller was AWOL during the entire investigation process attempting to bury Trump, and because of his lack of knowledge of any part of his published investigation report, it’s obvious that the pro-Hillary and anti-Trump forces were in total control of the investigation, and that the evidence presented against Trump during this two-year travesty was all fabricated.

Unfortunately for Robert Mueller, his name will forever be linked to the final nail in the Democrat collusion coffin and he will go down in history as a partisan, uninformed hack in whose name the greatest political disaster and scandal, and the highest level of traitorous corruption ever committed against the constitution of the United States and the American citizens, was perpetrated.

Let there be no mistake about it, when leftists control policy, they destroy everything they touch, and beginning with the Obama administration and its radical leftist turn, our legal system of investigating crimes has been badly injured, and the assumption of innocence for people suspected of crimes and the legal, transparent investigation of wrongs, has been overturned by the radical leftists in the DC swamp.

Thanks, Obama.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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