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The Impact Of Medical TV Shows And Series On Health Education

People looking for health information on the web are increasing in number, seeking health-related subjects online.

According to this source, an increasing number of consumers engage in internet search when looking for health information.

And as a part of the rising demand, there are now more than 70, 000 websites spreading health information.

Consequently, this widespread access to information offers advantages including anonymity, information tailoring and interactivity.

But in addition to health-related websites, TV series and shows are making a huge impact on the promotion of the health industry. A few of them are the following.


Check out the following for TV shows promoting healthcare and are being patronized by a wide range audience particularly interested in the niche such a TV show promotes.

Dr. Pimple Popper

It is a medical reality show following Dr. Sandra Lee’s medical adventures as she attends to her patients who are suffering from an extreme skin condition and growths like giant cysts.

Many of these conditions should be popped by cutting the growths open and removing biological materials, such as blood and pus, from them.

But while there’s nothing objectionable like violence, foul language or drinking, in the reality show, it’s hard to watch if you dislike the sight of blood and pus, which can be traumatic for some viewers.

[Sandra Less is a dermatologist who started uploading videos in 2010 but only in 2015 when she began posting heavily after noticing the virality of skin extraction videos on Instagram.]

My 600-lb life

As the title suggests, the medical reality show tells stories and follows the lives of obese people who are trying get out of their miserable lives due to being morbidly obese.

Each of the individual featured on the show was weighing at least 600 lbs. The TV show showed their lifelong struggles, physically and emotionally, as they’re undergoing bypass surgery.

In addition to aspiring changing their lives drastically, they’re looking to reclaim their freedom and fix relationships with family and friends. Most importantly, they want to restore self-confidence and feelings of self-worth.

Dr. Now “Younan Nowzaradan” attended to each of the patients, who attempted losing weight by following a particular diet and then undergone sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass surgery for further weight loss progress.

I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

The American documentary TV series debuted on May 26, 2009 and aired on TLC and on Discovery Fit & Health. Every episode featured at least two women who didn’t know they’re pregnant until labor time came.

A few reasons they didn’t recognize their pregnancy included,

  • Not believing they were fertile for thinking they don’t have the ability to get pregnant
  • Getting false negative pregnancy test results
  • Believing their birth control methods were working
  • Not having the obvious symptoms including extended abdomen, weight gain, stomach movement, unusual food cravings and morning sickness
  • Experiencing vaginal bleeding interpreted as a monthly period
  • Thinking their symptoms were due to another illness or condition

Certain risks are involved for not knowing pregnancy. For one, there was no monitoring of the baby’s progress.

Consequently, doctors were unaware whether a Caesarian is necessary especially for a large baby. They won’t also recognize any complications or abnormalities there could be with the baby or the mother.

For example, expectant mothers who didn’t know they’re pregnant might have been smoking, drinking alcohol or taking antibiotics.

These things could affect not only her health but of the baby.

In short, not knowing they were pregnant gave them no control over the pregnancy. Thus, she might not also have been monitored for hypertension that can be a risk factor of seizures or eclampsia.

For certain health issues arising from not knowing she’s pregnant, a woman might need to undergo a rehabilitation program at clhf homes to restore her normal function, for instance.

TV Series

Now, let’s talk about certain TV series that also promote health awareness among consumers.

Grey’s Anatomy

The longest running ABC TV series that started airing in 2005 is still one of the most loved shows by millions of fans all over the world.

It focuses on the lives of attending physicians, residents and surgical interns, as they’re becoming seasoned doctors while balancing their personal relationships and lives.

A bit of trivia: Its title was derived from a real medical textbook that was first published and written by Henry Gray in London, 1858.


This series followed the fictional lives of Sacred Heart Hospital employees. This hospital later became a Teaching Hospital.

Most of the characters at the beginning were medical interns and so the term “scrubs” meaning low-ranking person.


The series follows the fictional life of Dr. Gregory House, who’s an unconventional medical genius.

House leads a fictional team of diagnosticians and often clashes with other doctors due to his unconventional theories and hypotheses, which are based on controversial and subtle insights, about a patient’s illness.

Final Thoughts

TV series and shows, which are disseminating and promoting health and medical information, are influencing and shaping public awareness and education.

Eventually, people can learn more about health conditions, the doctors’ lives and what might have been going on inside the operating room through medically focused TV shows and series.

Which among these programs is your favorite medical show or series? Tell us in the comments.

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