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Reparations, Paid In Full – Grrr Graphics – Ben Garrison Cartoon

Most of the Democratic candidates are now pushing for ‘reparations.’ They must know it’s all ludicrous, impractical, and unfair, but it’s another way to divide the country.

Reparations were paid in blood when over 600,000 men died fighting the Civil War. America has already righted the wrong that was slavery.

The reparation talk isn’t really what it seems, though. It’s simply about the Socialist Democrats seizing on any issue that will raise our taxes while making more people dependent on government.

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This is why they want open borders. If anyone can come here and get free stuff and vote, they will vote away our Republic. It’s also why the left pushes so hard for ‘climate change.’ It means destroying our industrial base while slapping taxes on citizens to fix the problem.

It’s why Obama greatly weakened our military and introduced the ‘trans’ fad and divide the sexes and family structure. It’s about dividing and conquering and the destruction of America—with the end result being their evil socialism. President Trump said he was an America-first nationalist. The socialists hate national identity. They hate nationalism.

They don’t want us coming together. We are already a divided nation and reparations will only widen the gulf. Our divided nation is already fighting a second civil war, albeit it cold one. We don’t need to turn it into a hot one.

—Ben Garrison

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  1. Who can ever forget Willie & Joe? Mauldin was a marvelous cartoonist!

  2. Gary Hutchings

    200,000 on the side freeing slaves.. That number is the total deaths from both sides. Duh…

  3. Michael Todaro

    The blacks, sold to the British by muslims, and transported to the new world to work in the fields had a much better life than those left behind in the African jungle to dodge spears, lions, crocodiles etc.
    Their descendants in USA have it much better than the blacks in Africa.
    Blacks in colonial Africa had it much better than they do after “independence ” from Europeans.
    Does anybody think Zimbabwe is better than Rhodesia ?
    Black kneelers get paid millions of $$$ then bad mouth USA.
    Affirmative action has brought America to the brink of destruction as lightweights rise to power.
    A loud mouth rogues’s gallery has turned CA into Venezuela and the rest of the country is on the way.

  4. Howdy, You remind me of Bill Mauldin. Absolutely GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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