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Huge Bolt Of Lightning Strikes Sailboat In Shocking Video

A sailboat in South Boston was struck by a bolt of lightning Saturday after strong thunderstorms rolled through Massachusetts.

The boat was hit Saturday evening while docked at the Columbia Yacht Club in South Boston, according to CNN affiliate WFXT.

A passerby caught the lightning strike on video, which the National Weather Service (NWS) posted on Twitter, “This video from Boston is a great example of why we say “When thunder Roars, Go Indoors!”


No one was hurt during the strike, nor was anyone on board the vessel, which suffered fire damage to its mast and deck structure.

The NWS had issued a warning Saturday afternoon for heavy rainfall and flooding in the Boston area.

One to 1.5 inches of rain fell during the storms, which ended around 9:45 p.m. according to the NWS.

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