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Freedom Can Be A Dangerous Thing

AOC, as well as being stupid, is also free and is a powerful elected Representative from her home district in New York, and as a result of her guaranteed freedom to say idiotic things, she is at liberty to also say anti-American things that threaten our great nation. When people with power say things that undermine our constitution and the laws of the nation, the citizens of the country are directly threatened with a loss of liberties and their economic prosperity.

The liberty to speak one’s mind comes with some responsibility and assumes the speaker has an idea worth hearing, and it also assumes that the speaker has enough intelligence to express decent, well-thought-out opinions, and that a real resolution to the problems being expressed will be forthcoming. But with the current radical Democrats in our government, no worthwhile ideas are expressed and no solutions to any of our national problems are proposed. All we get out of Washington is political and racial division that is hurting our nation.

I was thrilled with the victories of the women’s soccer team, but they’ve undermined their great success with their politicization of the game and the misuse of their fame. They’ve also mocked and insulted President Trump by turning down his invitation to visit the White House to celebrate their victory. They love the radical AOC and the crazy Nancy Pelosi but publicly ridicule our president, and that is a slap in the face of all who voted for Trump and support his policies.

Therefore, I want nothing to do with the women’s soccer team from this point on and I’ll not watch any more of their games, just as I’ll watch no sport in which Colin Kaepernick participates. I’m sick of a few pampered, celebrated and over-paid American citizens making fun of the people who make America function, and I’ll not be a party to their further celebration.

Freedom comes with responsibilities, and when freedom does not accompany responsibility, it can become dangerous and threatening to those of us who don’t have celebrity status and must sit quietly by while our nation is torn apart by people trusted and sworn, under oath, to protect it.

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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