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California Governor Signs Illegal Immigrant Health Care Bill Into Law


California Democratic Gov. Gavin Newsom officially made his state the first in the U.S. to offer government health care benefits to adult-aged illegal immigrants.

Newsome signed SB-104 into law Tuesday, cementing it into the state’s 2020 budget.

The legislation extends taxpayer-funded health care to low-income adults aged 19 to 25, regardless if they are living in the country illegally or not. Officials expect the plan will cover about 90,000 people and cost $98 million to implement in its initial year, The Associated Press reported.

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The new law will not cover all 19- to 25-year-olds but will cover those with a low enough income to qualify for the state’s Medicaid program. California already provides government health care to undocumented children 18 and younger.

“Young people feel the crunch of the cost crisis acutely — from high rents and student debt. Health care shouldn’t be one more worry,” Newsom said when the plan was being debated earlier in the year. “We are helping young adults when they come off their parents’ plan and assisting those who may not be able to join onto a parents’ insurance policy.”

In order to keep the program financially afloat, California will implement a state version of the individual mandate once included in Obamacare. Residents in the state who do not have health care will be penalized with a tax.

The new law is a frugal version compared to what more left-leaning Democrats in the California Legislature originally wanted. One bill introduced in the state Senate not only called for 19- to 25-year-olds to have government subsidized health care, but to also include those 65 years and older. Another bill in the state Assembly went even further, calling for all adults 19 and over to be included.

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Gavin ultimately settled on the current plan with Democrats, who enjoy supermajority control in the state legislature, leaving GOP lawmakers mostly out of the negotiating process. Nevertheless, the governor pledged to keep expanding the program to more people — undocumented or not — in the years to come.

“Mark my words,” Newsom said to a crowd on supporters on June 1. “We’re going to make progress next year and the year after on that. That’s what universal health care means. Everybody, not just some folks.”


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  1. I’m English speaking and residing in California. I tried to use the public health services. I got a referral to a dermatology office. The Mexican women behind the counter were kind of snickering at me. When I called to make the appointment I was put on hold then hung up on, told they would call me back, etc. This went on for several days. Eventually the clock ran out on getting the appointment. You have to speak Spanish to use the social services. It’s similar when trying to catch a bus in parts of Los Angeles, they only stop if Mexicans are waiting. I’ve built up a business now that is starting to pay off so I’m getting out of the state because 77% of the illegals are on the dole and I don’t want to pay for their obnoxious kids.

  2. As long as Cali pays for it, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ whom they cover. Lure all the illegals to Cali and let the Big One take them all into the Pacific. In a thousand years, the whole left coast will be the stuff of legends, a la Atlantis.

  3. POS Newsome wants $$$ from Trump for earthquake and fire damage.
    My home state of California can fall into the ocean…I hop…I hope…I hope

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