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California Gov. Calls Semi-Auto Rifles ‘Goddamn Weapons Of Mass Destruction’

California Governor Gavin Newsom called the semi-automatic rifle used by the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooter a “goddamn weapon of mass destruction,” in a statement Monday.

Newsom’s profanity-laden rant at the Santa Clara Valley Medical Center was spurred by the events of the Gilroy Garlic Festival shooting, which left three dead and 11 injured. The weapon the shooter used was allegedly outlawed by California’s assault weapons prohibition, but the shooter was easily able to get one in neighboring state Nevada, a report from the LA Times details.

“You can’t put borders up, speaking of borders, to a neighboring state where you can buy this damn stuff legally,” he said Monday, “How in the hell is that possible? I have no problem with the 2nd Amendment, you have a right to bear arms but not weapons of goddamned mass destruction.”

Weapons of mass destruction fall into three categories: biological, chemical and nuclear. It doesn’t appear that semi-automatic rifles are slated for their own category of WMD.

Newsom also aimed attacks at the National Rifle Association.

“And we could only do it for our state. We have to fight in the courts and fight these organized National Rifle Association, but then you have an entire party it seems, completely bankrupt, no capacity,” Newsom said, “And don’t claim to be compassionate if you’re participating complicitly in the world you’re living in. Society becomes how we behave. The lack of resolve, it’s just an outrage.”

Newsom also adds that “California is doing its part,” but the Whitehouse stands as a supposed obstacle, according to an LA Times report.

“California’s doing its part, but Jesus, these guys, the folks in the White House have been supporting the kinds of policies that roll back the work that we’re doing in states like ours to get rid of large-capacity magazines, to address the issues that we’re trying to advance on background checks,” he said.

However, California is home to two of the most violent cities in the U.S. — Stockton (no. 10) and San Bernardino (no. 15), according to 2019 USA Today rankings.

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    1. I totally understand, I lived there one time during my life when California had no! (State Tax) Until Democrats started controlling things, Once California built nice freeways, now days ready to fall in and crumble! Gas Tax out the roof, Liberals gotten total control of California, money has become missing, nothing getting done, Yet Newsom, does not give one damn about the people who work and pay taxes, while rolling the Red Carpet out to his new voter base(The Illegals) which will keep him in power for ever!
      Poor, Veterans are ignored, while the Druggies are given clean syringes to shot their dope and free tents to live in, who pays for those tents? While crime increases, because the druggie needs more money to buy ITS dope. California adopted stupid Laws like the Gender Pronouns, which I do not get at all! (Remember, Put all the Gays, Lebo’s, Child Molesters, Prevert’s into one basket) This equals 2.7% of the population, now they are being put on a Pedestal, Obamacare is making all Health Insurance pay for the Transsexuals Sex Change surgery even Medicare. Why did Obama allow Trans! into the Military for if the go to Medical and profess they are a Transsexual then the Military has to pay for their Sex Change Surgery then after their recovery period they are transferred into the other sex’s service. LOL Berkley’s Gender Neutral B/S Man Hole Cover or man hours stricken off the record, and no more Natural Gas for new homes or businesses (The cleanest burning fuel on Earth) and Liberal think its against “Green New Deal”) I really feel sorry for the tax payers in California who has no say so at all, for Newsom will do all your thinking for you, which was Obama’s policy.

  1. Newsom has indicated that Weapons of Mass Destruction are okay to use on any troublesome residents of California, and has admitted that California Law Enforcement officers have done so many times. Perhaps the United States should go into California looking for WMD’s and free it as they did Iraq. California is an Axis of Evil, or perhaps lowering the bar for the classification of items as WMDs was a mistake?

  2. Communist Governor of California who gives all Mexicans free Health Care if they jump the border, only increases the Population, but give them extra electoral votes. This is the reason Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, and all the Democrats want the Citizen question off the census vote. Already, California allows vote harvesting, allows illegals to vote, give them free everything. Damn no wonder they are jumping into the caravans renting children from the cartels just to enter into California where the Illegals will be treated like the Royal Family, rolling out the Red Carpet to the Illegals. Yes! Come in my friend while I comfort you with Instant Welfare, Medicaid with Dental, Housing, Food Stamps, Free Instruction for Government Business Grants, along with free Illegal Scholarship Funds! All paid for buy the working class, who has to pay for their food, pay for their own housing, pay their own Health care and Dental expenses and pay for their own College. No Scholarships for the working Class unless they get a loan!
    Now the Governor wants to ban all guns rifles with more than one bullet! This is exactly like how the NAZIS started the Dictatorship, where Government controls everyone, Already Maxine Waters has been using the Nazi Brown Shirt scheme, attacking Conservatives every where any where, just take a good look at Berkley! And their Gender Nuetral Policy and No Natural Gas BS running people out of the State. Please change the name of California to Mexifornia, the newist State of Mexico with the US taxayers taking care of them!

  3. Someone PLEASE start a recall campaign. Or lets split California. LA up the coast to SF can be West California. The rest can be East California, AKA The State of Jefferson.

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