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Border Patrol in Maine Arrest Illegal Laborers based in Massachusetts

RANGELEY, Maine – Acting on information provided by the public, Border Patrol agents arrested nine Massachusetts-based aliens who had been working in the Rangeley area.  The aliens, from Guatemala, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Spain, were administratively charged with offenses ranging from failure to carry immigration documents to illegal entry.

All of the subjects were transported to the Rangeley Border Patrol Station for Rangeley Border Patrol Station in Rangeley Maine. processing and two commercial vehicles used for transporting the illegal aliens were seized pending final disposition.

During processing, two men from the Dominican Republic were found to have entered the United States illegal through Texas; three Ecuadorians were found to have entered illegally through Arizona; and one Guatemalan man admitted to entering the United States illegally through Texas.

“It is not uncommon for us to encounter contract laborers from out of state traveling to Maine for work,” said Jason D. Owens, Chief Patrol Agent of the Border Patrol in Maine.  “One of the lesser-known results of our patrol activities is the safeguarding of local labor markets.”

“These individuals were based in Massachusetts and traveled to Maine for work.  Illegal contract labor deprives employment opportunities for local contractors and those lawfully authorized to work in the United States,” said Chief Owens.

The six individuals found to have entered the United States illegally were entered into formal removal proceedings and transferred to the custody of Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) Office of Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO).

Two of the remaining subjects, from Ecuador, were found to be lawfully admitted permanent residents.  Border Patrol Agents issued warnings for the criminal violation of 8 United States Code 1304 (e), failure to carry registration documents.  As a condition of entry into the United States, all aliens, over the age of 18, agree to carry issued immigration documents at all times.

The last subject, a citizen of Spain, was lawfully admitted to the United States as a Visa Waiver Program (VWP) participant.  The subject was found to have violated the conditions of the VWP entry and was released pending departure from the Unites States.

“The Border Patrol does not routinely conduct workplace enforcement operations.  However, our regular patrol activities do bring us into contact with illegal laborers.  Illegal labor is a prime example of how immigration as a national issue can have real impacts Maine’s communities.  This issue impacts the employment opportunities of citizens, and lawful immigrants, equally,” said Chief Owens.

Under Title 8 of the U.S. Code, it is a federal crime to enter the United States illegally and to knowingly move or transport illegal aliens.  While most of the people arrested by the United States Border Patrol in Maine are processed administratively, underlying criminal charges are frequently present.

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