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Senators Get Classified Pentagon Briefing On — Aliens?!


An increasing number of members of Congress on key oversight committees are requesting briefings on reported Navy encounters with unidentified aircraft —  or as some would say, UFOs — and Democratic Virginia Sen. Mark Warner attended one such briefing Wednesday.

“If naval pilots are running into unexplained interference in the air, that’s a safety concern Senator Warner believes we need to get to the bottom of,” his spokeswoman Rachel Cohen said in a statement according to Politico.

Warner is vice chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. Staffers, as well as members of Congress on the Intelligence, Armed Services and Defense Appropriations panels, have gone to such briefings, current and former officials with direct knowledge said according to Politico.

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“There are people coming out of the woodwork,” a former government official told Politico.

“More requests for briefings are coming in,” an intelligence official told Politico.

News of Wednesday’s classified briefing comes days after President Donald Trump said in an interview he’d had “one very brief meeting” on the topic and that “we’re watching.”

Interest in so-called UFOs can be traced back to former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, urged “more study” of unidentified flying objects, according to Roll Call. The Pentagon confirmed in late May that it has investigated reports of UFO phenomena and continues to do so today.

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In addition, the Navy is drafting new procedures for reporting UFO sightings in response to a series of recent unidentified aircraft sightings by Navy strike teams. A Navy spokesperson attributed the growing use of drones with more unidentified craft sightings because more drones in the air means more potential footage of UFOs.

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