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Journalist Andy Ngo Was Attacked At A Rally. Rose City Antifa Says The Day Was A ‘Success For The People Of Portland’

An Antifa group has begun raising money for members arrested during a rally that turned violent Saturday in Portland, Oregon, and it is celebrating the attack on journalist Andy Ngo.

Rose City Antifa is an antifascist militant group based in Portland, Oregon. Journalist Andy Ngo was attacked at the rally Saturday with milkshakes that Portland Police reported may have had fast-drying cement in them. Ngo was also assaulted and appeared to sustain injuries to his face. He reportedly has a brain bleed and was admitted into the hospital overnight Saturday, according to a legal representative.

The Antifa group took to Facebook Saturday to announce that Andy Ngo had been milkshaked. Later on, they posted screenshots from journalist Shane Burley who tweeted that it was “weird” that no other journalist had been attacked, and that the “narrative that protestors were attacking reporters” was a “blatant lie.”

“Furthermore Andy Ngo is not a journalist,” another Rose City Facebook post read. “He is a right-wing agitator and active participant in local fascist harassment. Despite these feeble attempts to create false narratives by PPB [Patriot Prayer] and the local Alt Right, those of us there on the ground know that J29 [January] was a success for the people of Portland and showed that we will always stand up to fascism!”

Rose City Antifa also posted links in an attempt to raise money for those arrested during the rally Saturday. The arrests are unrelated to the attack on Ngo, according to police reports.

Ngo was not the only person to be attacked, according to videos on social media. One video shows individuals attacking a man with weapons and charging at a second man. People are then seen trying to drag one of the victims to safety.

Another video shows a man curled up into a ball while people clad in all-black kick him, shouting “he attacked first!”

“Our community showed up not just in greater numbers, but also with extraordinary creativity and courage,” another Rose City Antifa Facebook post read. “We overwhelmed the opposition, ran circles around the dishonest collaborators in the PPB, and sent Haley’s team running scared, abandoning the other fascist crew to a sea of antifascists.”


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