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‘Freak Accident’ At Utah Pool Causes People To Vomit And Bleed From Their Noses


Police said a “freak accident” at a Utah pool caused nearly 50 people to vomit, cough and have nose bleeds after becoming exposed to chlorine gas Tuesday.

The people, mostly children, were exposed to the gas after the pump put too much chlorine into the water, The Associated Press reported Tuesday. Officials did not believe patients were in life-threatening conditions.

But American Fork Hospital emergency room doctor Nathan Miller said some people could have could have chronic respiratory problems, according to KSL.

“The more serious patients have some wheezing and then even more serious that their oxygen numbers drop and they require oxygen, then require breathing treatments,” Miller said, KSL reported. “Essentially, it would be like a severe asthma attack where they could potentially suffocate.”

The incident occurred at Pleasant Grove Veterans Memorial Pool, about 36 miles south of Salt Lake City, according to the AP.

The Pleasant Grove Police Department and the Utah County Health Department did not immediately respond to The Daily Caller News Foundation’s request for comment.

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