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Former Rep Joe Sestak Joins 2020 Presidential Race

Former Rep. Joe Sestak announced his 2020 presidential bid Saturday on his campaign’s website, making him the 25th prominent Democratic presidential candidate to step into the race, NBC reported.

Sestak, former congressman and Navy admiral, said Saturday in the announcement that he wants “to be that president who serves the American people the way they deserve to be served.”

Sestak, 67, explained the reason for his late entry into the race, being the reappearance of his daughter’s brain cancer.

“And while my announcement may be later than others for the honor of seeking the presidency, the decision to delay was so I would be there with Alex, our daughter, as the brain cancer she had courageously beaten at four years old returned this past year,” he said. “But with her same team of medical heroes, she has again overcome the single digit odds.”

Sestak says that military health care saved his daughter during her struggle with brain cancer, and now he feels accountable to the American people who financed his daughter’s health care through tax dollars.

“I had worn the cloth of our nation for over 31 years in peace and war, but after Alex’s first high-grade brain tumor, I needed to answer to you, the American people, who provided the military healthcare coverage that saved our daughter’s life,” the announcement reads.

He goes on to state two primary objectives he will pursue if elected president: “putting a brake on climate change” and “putting an end to an illiberal world order’s injustices, from China’s control of the 5G network to Russian interference in democratic elections.”

Sestak’s website provides his “Plan For America,” which includes details about his platform and policy proposals.

On immigration, he says that “comprehensive immigration reform” is necessary, and then list as the second bullet point that America needs to “secure our borders with smart technology such as drones and sensors, and sections of fencing where needed and appropriate.” He also says that America needs to “create a path to naturalization for undocumented immigrants,” so long as they are “willing to pay back taxes, pass criminal background checks, prove gainful employment, and pass a basic English language test,” according to his website.

Sestak served two terms as a Pennsylvania representative before running for Senate twice, losing both times. He is now entering late to the largest Democratic primary field in history with almost no name recognition, Axios reported.

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