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Dominican Health Officials Call Reports Of Mysterious American Tourist Deaths ‘Fake News’ In Interview

Public health officials from the Dominican Republic said Wednesday that the multiplying reports of American tourist deaths at Dominican resorts are “fake news.”

Ministry of Public Health spokesman Carlos Suero assured Fox News that the nine tourist who have recently died at Dominican resorts died of natural causes according to autopsy reports.

He added that test results of alcohol, food, air conditioning, and pool at the resorts came back negative, according to government health inspectors who were overseen by the U.S Embassy.

“The testing results are all negative, everything – the food, the alcohol, the air – is normal, there is no alteration of the alcohol,” Suero assured Fox News.

“With all the tourists we get every year, we make sure we comply with international standards for everything, he continued.

Suero says that the numerous reports of American tourist deaths are “hysteria” aiming to hurt tourism to the Dominican Republic.

“It’s all a hysteria against the Dominican Republic, to hurt our tourism, this is a very competitive industry and we get millions of tourists, we are a popular destination,” Suero said.

“People are taking aim at us,” he continued.

The U.S State Department did not provide confirmation to Fox News of Suero’s statement that the test results were negative. They replied to the confirmation request saying, “We are closely monitoring ongoing investigations by Dominican authorities into several recent deaths of U.S. citizens in the Dominican Republic.”

“The FBI is providing technical assistance to Dominican authorities, … For all other questions regarding investigations into recent deaths (and attacks) of U.S. citizens, we refer you to local authorities in the Dominican Republic,” it continued.

Suero argued that the number of tourist deaths has not increased, but is merely being focused on for the first time by the news media.

“Unfortunately, very unfortunately for us, these tourists have died here. We had about 14 deaths last year here of U.S. tourists, and no one said a word. Now everyone is making a big deal of these,” he explained.

Dominican Public Health Minister Rafael Sanchez Cardenas echoed that the death reports were manufactured to hurt tourism, and called them “un montaje” or a setup, according to Fox News.

Recently nine American tourist have died of mysterious causes while on vacation in the Dominican Republic. While Dominican authorities claim that the cause of death in all cases has been natural causes, many of the deceased’s family members feel differently and have launched investigations into the circumstances surrounding their loved one’s deaths.

The FBI has taken a role in assisting Dominican authorities with the investigations, according to the BBC.

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