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Why is the Current Education not as Good as it was Before?

To be honest, the present education system in the country is a far cry from what it used to be, once upon a time! In fact, the American education system is failing — and “failing” students in every sense of the word! One of the reasons why our education system is failing is because of the limited resources in our public schools. These resources really help to speed up the learning process of students. For instance, free plagiarism checkers are online resources that can be used by students, in the course of making research and writing essays. A plagiarism checker free for students will help them more in quickly solving problems and acquiring more knowledge. It will be useful in scanning for the originality of their essays and works before submissions. In the next section of this article, we’ll be discussing in detail why our education system is failing. Read on.

Unequal Educational Access

To put our cards on the table, the American education system failing piece by piece, and I’ll tell you why. First is as a result of the fact that there’s no equal access to education as it may have been in the olden days.

Now, race, gender, class, and geographical location seem to limit some students access to quality education. This is particularly common in our public schools.

There’s inequity in virtually every aspect of our education system; gender inequity, inequity in the distribution of funds, the bias in the method of instruction and what we teach; even bias towards the less privileged students. People with additional educational backgrounds tend to enjoy more privileges than those who have lesser education. This is because they’re held in high esteem. It’s just the way of the world.

Use of Obsolete Teaching Methods

The fact that most of the public schools still adopt outdated teaching methodologies is another reason why the American education system is failing.

Despite the tremendous improvement in technology today, many public schools still resort to the use of obsolete methods of instruction to teach their students. This is because they’re more affordable than the modern methods, and within the allocation range they receive every year.

However, we must make sure that our learning situations are more learner-centered, rather than teacher-oriented, as they have been for many years in our public schools.

To aid this learner-centered approach, we need a very important resource like free online plagiarism checkers. An online plagiarism checker from AResearchGuide that can be found at could be a very useful tool for our schools. It can be used as a teacher plagiarism checker, as well as a student’s.

We cannot ignore the fact that technology aids the learning process, and that’s what we must begin to use if we want a positive change in our education system. If we don’t know the importance of technology in our education system in this present clime, we will only continue to fail.

Unfair Allocation Distribution

In particular, areas in the country, especially the poorer regions of the US, public schoolsgetinsufficient funding compared to schools in other regions (I wouldn’t like to mention some places here). This accounts for why a large percentage of public schools are way behind in the areas of research, mathematics, art, and science.

The rates of dropouts also continue to increase year in, year out in these regions, especially among immigrants and minorities in the country. According to research conducted a few years back, more than 1.2 million students in the US drop out every year from high school. And this is chiefly responsible for the increasing rate of crimes in the US.

Many students’ reasons for dropping out is usually dependent to the fact that the American education system is constantly failing; the use of archaic teaching methods in these schools, the unaffordability of tuition by certain students, and the challenges they face with the certain requirements of the American education system.

Biased Educational Assessment

Our education system is also failing currently, as a result of the fact thatthe general assessment system of students is not exactly foolproof.

We mentioned earlier that funds are not thoroughly distributed to all the public schools in the US. This is because it is based on property taxes which the US government also need to look into.

So, if we want to measure the success of students based on the same grading standard, we’ll be extremely biased toward the learning differences of students in these disadvantaged schools. For instance, a school that receives less funding, compared to one that is well-funded, will not be able to produce students that can succeed in such tests. After all, all fingers are not equal!


Looking at all these factors, we can surmise why our education system is failing in the US. It boils down to the fact that there’s widespread inequity in the distribution of quality education to everyone, whether at the top or bottom of the societal rung.

Quite frankly, we cannot overemphasize the importance of quality education in our global society, and the world at large. We already understand that if we must continue to grow economically, technologically and intellectually, we must be willing to stand up and fight for the improvement of the American education system.

Education also determines the meaningful existence of future generations. We are obligated to create an enabling society for them, and that includes ensuring that our education system is considerably improved. Education shouldn’t be based on class, gender, ethnicity, and race. Quality education should be for all, no matter the differences.

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