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Why Are So Many Saying Mueller is as Corrupt as Hillary’s Steele Dossier?

In a recent post, I explained the importance of being able to discern between what people think they are and actuality. Has Mueller provided us with a prime example of being two-faced?

When it came time for the Swamp to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate Trump/Russia collusion, the spotlight fixated upon Mueller. If we believed what was said by the swamp rats, there could be no better choice than this bastion of judicial morality.

Unfortunately, Mueller came out of the swamp today to provide insight into his low life realities. Of course, Democrats knew all along who he really was, but others are now left with their heads spinning.

The Steele Dossier was bad enough, but most Americans were sickened when we learned Hillary, Democrats, news medias, and our law enforcement agencies were equally involved in the corruption. The remaining loyalists fell when facts began pouring into the public sector after over 2 years of investigations and millions of taxpayer money was wasted on a total hoax.

If Mueller ever was ethical, wouldn’t he have terminated his witch hunt when he came on the job to learn there was no information in the Trump/Russia collusion file? Instead of seeking justice, shouldn’t we believe he went for fattening his wallet and the opportunity to ruin the lives of Republicans using process crimes?

With today’s outing, shouldn’t we now conclude Mueller is nothing more than a bastion of corruption and part of the Presidential coup? Wasn’t his speech today NOT about concluding the Trump/Russia investigation but tossing even more bogus raw meat at the whacked-out Democrats demanding more investigations into Trump/Russia collusion and wasting more taxpayer money?

If we monitor what the Obama heads of our security agencies are saying today, it would confirm suspicions there are lots of dirty cops within government. Many have told me that dirty cops cannot be rehabilitated so could we be seeing Mueller proving this point?

Consider how the Democrats, media, and law enforcement agencies demanded full transparency when investigating President Trump and Russia collusion. Now consider AG Barr’s demand for transparency to investigate the investigators but hitting a brick wall from the media, bad cops, and Democrats.

Yes, Mueller fooled a lot of people but isn’t the facade starting to disappear? Wouldn’t it be wiser to paint him as a partisan whack job for the Democrats? Does any person still believe Mueller is interested in justice?

When any prosecutor states he can’t exonerate someone, should they maintain a law license? Isn’t the job of a prosecutor to simply refer to the Justice Department for prosecution? Did Mueller lie about that issue, today?

Of course we shouldn’t stop with just inspecting Mueller, but must consider the role of Mueller’s best buddy, Andrew Weissman, in all of these issues. Weissman is known as only one of a handful of attorneys losing a case in the Supreme Court with zero votes.

Weissman is known for his courtroom antics and failing to provide exculpatory evidence. Proving the old adage, “Birds of a feather, flock together?” Why would Mueller choose such a person of such flawed character to investigate anyone, unless it wasn’t about justice?

Why stop the investigation with just these two? If we inspect the balance of Mueller’s Democrat partisan team, it only gets swampier! Consider Jeannie Rhee, former Hillary Clinton Attorney.

If ethics was an issue with Mueller, why would he hire Hillary’s old attorney? He knew the Steele Dossier was bought and paid for by Hillary!

Does anyone believe we need a genius to figure out the real Mueller? Like Comey, isn’t he committing identical sins and just another dirty cop wanting to take the blindfold away from Lady Justice?

At the least, isn’t Mueller just another Democrat partisan with a law license wanting to support the Democrat’s take down of President Trump? Does the coup continue, thanks to Mueller?

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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