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The Political Whores and Pimps Are Not Winning

Did Americans fall asleep at the wheel to awaken in a totally different country? Aren’t we now somewhere unfamiliar and not sure how to flee the crazies?

With a shameful approval rating, shouldn’t we now agree that Congress has seemingly taken it upon themselves to forego their official responsibilities and move on to a much higher position that doesn’t exist in the US Constitution? BTW, just checked and the Pope is still alive and well.

Imagine the millions of voters who made their vote count by willingly and intentionally entering a voting booth and pulling the lever for Donald Trump. Yes, it’s the way it has always been done in America, right?

So, as the last vote was counted, we all learned that once again, America’s electoral constitutional mandates were accurately fulfilled. Folks, this is not that deep of a government responsibility to understand – it’s just basic math!

Once the votes are tallied, then the Constitution mandates the victor will be given their oath of office and accept their duties and responsibilities. Donald Trump met all criteria, was sworn into office, and became the duly elected President of the United States.

Then all Hell breaks out! The power and money whores – elites, foreign leaders, Republicans, and Democrats; complain there had to be some law broken for Donald Trump to win the Presidency.

Being typical whores – ‘willing to do anything for money and power,’ they quickly promote themselves to Kings and Queens and issue edicts to remove this man from public office – voters be damned!

Next, came the un-American and criminal schemes. The whores and pimps fixated on developing all sorts of blasphemous tales in an attempt to convince voters the election was a fraud. They offer only one solution: “Hillary Clinton must be placed into her rightful royal position of power.”

Political whores and pimps see government tax money as “their” personal account allowing them to be in politics making millions instead of earning a living like the rest of Americans. So, how many billions could they lose by not having Hillary? From their actions, it must have been a bunch!

The political whores and pimps even managed to weaponize government agencies. The CIA, FBI, and the DOJ accepted the lead role to declare a foreign conspiracy involvement allowing a President Trump’s victory. Yep, don’t bother with the facts, right?

An espionage case had to be opened including a special investigation to discredit the election and destroy the Trump families, friends, supporters, the Constitution, and American voters. After all, collateral damage for a terrorist comes with the territory!

Meanwhile, the whores in Congress openly turn the hallowed halls of congress into dens of immorality. They turn our Constitution upside down demanding others become law-breakers and liars. All while we have so many crisis situations needing their attentions.

Back on the streets, the political pimps from Hollywood, media, public educators, professors, labor union members, and the rest of the looney leftists roll their ‘cigarettes’ to take another drag and run into the public to protest, scream, and demand the resignation of the duly elected President of the United States. Being stuck on stupid really must be a bummer!

They put Hillary Clinton on tours and speeches whereby handfuls of supporters attempt to prop her up as being something she never was. “Never mind,” say the pimps, “Hillary is who we want for President.” Their message is simple, “Shut up, take it, and get out of our way!”

Has anyone ever seen or participated in a demolition derby? Well, it has a similarity to what we are monitoring with the political whores, their pimps, and the leftist loons all across America. It’s a total full speed ahead to see who can hit, smash, and destroy others.

The point being is how do they really become a winner after destroying everything? How will American confidence ever be restored for politicians and their pimps? Probably would be only after Bernie Sanders admits America is a great nation. Please don’t hold your breath!

It truly would be exciting to be a bug in the Oval Office watching Donald Trump laughing at all of the “demolition derby” whores and pimps self-destructing as they attempt to destroy the US Constitution!

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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