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Charges dropped against arthritis suffering great –grandma

CBD is intended to make the world a better place for millions of people who suffer from illnesses mainstream pharma could not solve. With this in mind, the President signed the bill in support of hemp farmers. Not that CBD is a magic bullet – but research surely indicates that it may be something special and futuristic. But sadly, states are lax to embrace new federal laws in support of CBD: When Hester Jordan Burkhalter finally saved enough money to visit Disney World, the trip she and her family had planned for two years went sour. As they were about to enter the Orlando theme park, the sheriff’s deputy on duty discovered the CBD oil in her purse and she was charged with possession of hashish and arrested.

A 69-year-old arthritis sufferer, Burkhalter’s doctor suggested that she use CBD to alleviate the pain, and had even put it in writing. Tests run on her oil found that it contained traces of THC, even though on the container it was marked as 0 milligrams.

Although Congress removed hemp and its extracts from the federal list of illegal drugs late last year, Florida is still to sign the legislation.

Landing in jail for 12 hours and her release on $2,000 bail, was not the type of ordeal that the great-grandmother had ever expected to live through.

Charges were dropped late last month when prosecutors said in a court filing that the case was not suitable for prosecution. For the record, Burkhalter pleaded not guilty in court.

ZERO THC is here:

CBD containing ZERO THC is here. – one of the most prominent retailers and wholesalers of CBD in the US, said it will offer a special range of CBD products that is totally free from THC, in order to appease lawmakers who are still not aligned with federal law – and to take the pressure off retailers who are concerned in certain states.

Confusion over the legality of CBD in South Dakota

In a recent statement, South Dakota State Attorney General Jason Ravnsborg said that all forms of cannabidiol and industrial hemp remain illegal in the state. He added that CBD is still classified as marijuana but some state attorneys say they refuse to prosecute cases involving hemp and its derivatives.

The legalization of hemp by the 2018 Farm Bill allows the cultivation and harvesting of the hemp plant. CBD oil is a product of the hemp plant and does not have any intoxicating effects. While lawmakers in South Dakota eliminated CBD from the state controlled substance schedule earlier this year, they did not change the definition of marijuana. At the same time, Governor Kristi Noem vetoed a bill to legalize industrial hemp, which would have simultaneously legalized CBD oil.

Businesses and their customers in the state are suffering because of the gap in the state’s law and the state attorneys from Minnehaha and Lincoln counties agree with them.

This grey area is causing confusion in the interpretation of the law with differences in how it is seen by state officials, city official, and legislators. Meanwhile, attorneys are urging businesses and consumers to err on the side of caution until such time as the gap is resolved.

Health Canada delaying a decision on CBD for pets

Currently, Canada still has no approved CBD medications for pets. CBD is known for its therapeutic properties and pet owners want to be able to treat their pets for ailments such as arthritis, anxiety and cancer symptoms with it.

Veterinarians can’t legally prescribe CBD oil products to their patients because there are currently no Health Canada approved medications on the market. They want to see the official results that will prove what they already know – CBD does treat chronic pain and seizures in all species of pets. Many veterinary drugs that contain cannabis are currently being studied.

According to Health Canada, the sale of CBD products for pets are in contravention of the Cannabis Act and its regulations and that manufacturers of products containing CBD need a processing license under the Cannabis Regulation.

Pet owners need to be cautious and it is not recommended that they buy pet CBD unless they are absolutely sure that they don’t contain any trace of THC, which can be very toxic to pets in even small doses.

Those who care about pets want to offer them the best treatment and a better quality of life certain ailments.

CBD product shortages in Canada

CBD or cannabidiol, promoted as a natural cure for pain, anxiety, and insomnia is proving to be extremely popular across the world. Store owners in Canada have reported that they struggle to find products to stock their shelves with.

The shortage is expected to persist until later this year as the hype around the product pushed sales up. The passing of the cannabis law in October last year, a similar law to the U.S. Farm Bill, caused a scramble among licensed producers to meet demand. They are working toward becoming more efficient and are seeking to expand their cultivation and facilities in order to keep a constant flow of supplies to meet the demand.

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