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Secrets of Using Virtual Phone Numbers for Better Customer Service

In today’s ever-changing business environment, companies that work to consistently improve their customer service experience continue to progress, grow, and succeed. Industry research shows that more than half of the customers, who have had a poor customer service experience, share their poor experience with their family and friends. Research also indicates that a customer who has a poor experience is very likely to discontinue business with that organization altogether, based on that one poor experience.

While it may not be economically viable for many businesses to ensure that there is someone available to answer questions and address concerns 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, there are secrets of using virtual phone numbers for better customer service that should be utilized by all types of businesses.

There are a number of reasons why businesses are turning to virtual phone numbers in large numbers. Businesses are able to reduce the cost of international calling by up to 90 percent. This is significant savings that can be passed on to other areas, such as marketing within an organization. Virtual phone numbers are also simple to set-up, efficient, reliable, offering plenty of flexibility, and providing many features that contribute to better customer service.

Secrets to using virtual phone numbers for better customer service include:

Real-time messaging

Unlike live chat boxes available on websites, virtual phone numbers allow for your staff to respond to customer queries and concerns in real time, even when they are on the move. This is a significant benefit to all involved. This helps customers who get an immediate response to their question or concern and it helps improve overall communication among teams working from remote locations. At the end of the day, this is one of the secrets of using virtual phone numbers for better customer service that will boost productivity.


There are customers who may prefer to leave a message for a staff member. Virtual business phone numbers allow for you to customize voicemail messages and this can be done for various extensions, if you choose to set up extensions for your virtual phone number. Allowing a customer to dial the extension of the person or department they are specifically trying to reach and leave details regarding their call can be extremely helpful. A staff member is then able to look into the needs or questions of the customer prior to returning their call and call them back with a solution and/or answer.

The voicemail option also allows customers to avoid the on-hold option. Some customers want to be heard rather than waiting and voicemail allows them to leave their concerns on a recording and wait for a call back at a later time. Of course, quick responsiveness when it comes to checking voicemail and getting back to the customers must go hand-in-hand with this.

Call centers

Another one of the secrets of using virtual phone numbers for better customer service is related to call centers. Businesses are more easily able to set up virtual contact centers for their businesses with the use of virtual phone numbers. Businesses can set these call centers up to facilitate receiving and making phone calls without having to deal with the costs related to additional hardware. Remote call centers set up with virtual phone numbers allow for a business to work with different time zones, transfer calls and forward calls to team members in different departments, allow for monitoring of calls for training and improvement purposes, save money in comparison to traditional landlines, and maximize connection to target audiences.

The benefits and secrets of using virtual phone numbers for better customer service can make a huge impact on your brand’s reputation and your bottom line.

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