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Despite what parents may think, today’s college students are following current events more closely than ever before. More and more news agencies are putting out news articles for students, some even print business articles for students. For those looking for a brief rundown of some of today’s topics that are likely to interest young adults, check this article out. This is college student news that you can’t miss.

A Commencement Speaker in Georgia is Paying Off Student Debt

The commencement speaker at Morehouse College in Georgia surprises everyone by announcing that he would pay off the debt of the entire 2019 graduating class. Robert F. Smith, a billionaire well-known for his philanthropy work, announced in his speech that he would be creating a grant to pay off the debt many of the students had to take on to attend the school. This totals to somewhere around $40 million, according to local news sources. Mr. Smith has donated a further $1.5 million to the school.

Low-Cost Entrepreneur Opportunities for Students in Writing

More and more students are looking into becoming entrepreneurs, but many simply don’t have the funds. Now, you can start a business for less than $100! One way to do this is to become a writer. Resumes and essays are common choices. They are everywhere. Write my essay for me uk – usually, you can read this on students’ and college forums. Custom writing, especially custom essay writing, is everywhere, and people pay well for it. A well-written custom essay or hand-crafted resume can bring you a lot of money for a short amount of time it takes.

And it’s not just essays UK. A custom essay writing service, resume writing service, or essay writing company will succeed almost anywhere. People will always want to buy custom essays!

The SAT is Going to Track Your Privilege

We’ve likely all heard about the recent college admission scandal, where wealthy parents were paying to get their children into colleges and universities they didn’t deserve to attend. In the wake of that, the SAT has decided to include an “adversity score” to level the playing field. Students will receive a score between 0 and 100. Anything over 50 will denote privilege, anything beneath 50 – hardship. Statistics taken into account include the crime rate in the student’s neighborhood and whether the child was raised by a single parent. They have said that race will not be considered. A trial version showed that this resulted in greater numbers of non-Caucasian students enrolling in college.

Be Careful What You Post: Harvard Rescinds Acceptances Because of Memes

Ten students who had gotten into Harvard are now looking for a new school after the prestigious university rescinded their acceptances. The reason? A Facebook meme page. However, instead of just the standard silly pictures, these were making fun of such sensitive topics as the Holocaust, sexual harassment, and even children’s deaths. While many might simply consider this to be “dark humor,” this is another example of why you should make sure your social media presence is cleaned up before you start applying to colleges. Everything that a person does, even in what some people would consider “private”, can have vast, life-long consequences. These ten young adults found that out the hard way.

Despite what certain older generations might claim, today’s college students do keep up with the news. Young adults might do it differently, choosing to go to the internet instead of the daily paper or the five o’clock news. Still, they are well informed and stay up-to-date on the latest happenings including those mentioned above.

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