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Get Exactly What You Pay For and More! An HONEST review of Nine University’s KT V.I.P.

Since joining Nine University’s KT V.I.P. program, its felt like being a part of a new family. A virtual one, but nonetheless, a family. It’s rare to come across this level of support and care in an online community especially in the e-commerce realm. This is one of the first things I noticed about Nine University and the KT V.I.P. program. To say I got exactly what I paid for is an understatement.

The program is run by Kale and Taylor who made over 4 million dollars on Amazon FBA in 2018. In other words, these guys KNOW their stuff. I first learned about them through their YouTube channel which provided so much valuable FREE content. I couldn’t even imagine what amazing gems they had to offer in their paid course. That’s when I decided to invest in KT V.I.P.

And just like that, they continued to impress me. The course simply OVER delivers. Just take a look at some of what it includes (this is honestly just the basics):

  • 6 x Weekly Live Q&A Calls – These make the whole course worth it. More on that below.
  • 6-figure coach for biweekly coaching sessions – Haven’t seen any other courses provide this much one on one attention
  • KT V.I.P. Video Portal – 257 step by step, over the shoulder style instructional videos arranged in a 7-week format. They’re designed to be watched on your schedule which makes it very convenient.
  • Nine University Facebook Ads – 199 step by step, over the shoulder style Facebook Ads instructional videos. Same as above – completely on demand and on your schedule.  
  • KT Product Pick List – 250+ patent checked high demand, low competition, high ROI products + direct links to supplier websites to save weeks by sourcing a safe, verified, hand-picked products in seconds.  
  • Amazing Product Photography + Models – Once you get to week 5 of the program you will realize that your product NEEDS beautiful pictures in order to sell well. KT V.I.P. takes care of this for you. Just send them one of your products and they send back magazine worthy product pictures (with models included if necessary)
  • Boost Nine Software

I personally always struggled with product research. Turns out Boost Nine was the solution. KT V.I.P. didn’t just give me access to the Boost Nine as part of the course, but they broke down the process step by step in each video and walked me through exactly how to do it. It’s easy to spit out information and tell someone to run with it. But that’s what makes KT V.I.P. so good. It’s designed to communicate strategies in an EASY to understand way that makes implementation nearly bullet proof.

The weekly live Q&A calls (done 6 x a week!) are one of my favorite aspects. They answer literally any question I or other students have. I learn something new every time I join the stream. That level of commitment to students is hard to come by these days. But perhaps the best part of the program is that it is constantly growing, and not just in students, but in content. I’mlearning how to sell on Amazon in 2019 because KT V.I.P. is constantly optimizing the program and adding strategies that are working today, not 2 year ago.

Kale and Taylor have the type of personalities that make you want to get into the game. They are very relatable, humble, funny and truly understand where their students are in their FBA journey. That’s one of the main reasons I decided to go with Nine University’s KT V.I.P.

You truly cannot find anyone program like it. They are the GOAT.  

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